Windows Movie Maker

Of the Windows Movie Maker Download provides video friends a studio for editing your own movies to the side. but the free editor from Microsoft worked not only moving images but also creates slideshows from individual photos.

Download Windows Movie Maker as part of the Live Essentials

The video editing software from Microsoft can be used as part of the Windows Essentials package be obtained and used. in older versions of Windows, this was part of the operating system. Video Editor in 2000 with the Windows ME operating system was first released. With Windows XP and version 2.0 Download the Windows Movie Maker came in November 2002, many new video effects and dozens of transition effects added. With Windows 7, Microsoft took the Movie Maker from the operating system and packed it to the Windows Live Essentials.

Windows Movie Maker DownloadWindows Movie Maker Download: part of the Live Essentials (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

Post edited videos to YouTube

The video editor on this occasion renamed Windows Live Movie Maker and fundamentally revised. The surface was a typical ribbon design, known from Microsoft Office version 2007. New features were also on board, including uploading the edited video on YouTube and creating HD video.

Windows Movie Maker Download Video ToolsThe typical ribbon design (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

automatically correct camera shake using Windows Movie Maker

However, compared to the previous several features have been abandoned, such as time and audio axes. The focus has shifted from the professional video editing towards presentation program. In the used version 16 (2012) Windows Movie Maker download, there is a link to the video service Vimeo and other portals. Available useful, but only on Windows 8, the image stabilization, the camera shake own video recordings automatically corrected.

Windows Movie Maker download EffectsComfortable editing of video recordings (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

add background music, comments and transition effects

Both the films and the slide is highlighted with the help of Windows Movie Maker with optional background music or add your own voice narration. A whole range of transition effects ensures that the domestic slide-show does not become a desolate event.

Auto Movie option provides more comfort

Windows Movie Maker is rounded off with individual title and credits sequences. Practical: If you want to invest as little hand that reaches for the car movie option. This function takes the user from almost all processing steps. He only selects photos, videos and a design and the transitions and effects are added automatically.

Windows Movie Maker Download Auto MovieThe Auto Movie option takes the user from most processing steps. (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

publish video clips with Windows Movie Maker online

In the current version of Windows Movie Maker Download to own clips can publish quickly and easily on the Internet. Specifically, the film Friend releases his works for individuals or the whole world. On request, it sends directly from within the program an e-mail to friends and relatives who then can view it online by clicking on the link to the movie.

Windows Movie Maker Download PostClips on the Internet publishing (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

edit home movies comfortably

Useful is the ability to change the speed of a video with Movie Maker to play the movie faster or slower. Windows Movie Maker 2012 requires Windows 7. The download area there is also the previous versions 2.6 and 2011th