Nero MediaHome

Nero MediaHome will play many media formats and also manages large media holdings - whether music, pictures, movies or recorded TV. In addition, the media management synchronized external devices such as cameras, smartphones or tablets and transfers files to social media sites, or on CD, DVD and Blu-ray as well as by media server to the network. On top of that you created in the free version, which is available through our link to download on the manufacturer side, set to music slideshows and photo albums.

Nero MediaHome download and installation

Of the Nero MediaHome Download Although already a release from the Nero Suite, long time no one amazingly, but still the lightweights among media managers. The software also requires the installation of the system-wide version of the Adobe Flash Player - before this setup was not carried out, the installation of MediaHome is not performed correctly. During setup is used to set whether Nero MediaHome will be used to open all media files with a double click in Windows Explorer. When you first start the program, the free media management provides the automatic search for media files on external drives as well as on the network - which can of course take a while depending on the size of the available storage media. If the media database is read once after Nero MediaHome download, the program manages most popular media formats and reproduces. Besides Nero MediaHome supports the way also playlists from iTunes and Windows Media Player.

  • Image formats: JPG, JPEG, JPE, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, WMF
  • Audio formats: AIFF, AIF, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPA, AC3, AAC, M4A, WAV, WAE, WMA, OGG, OGM, LPCM, PCM, L16, AA, AT3P, AU, SND, DTS, MIDI, MID, RA, VQF, VQL, AMR, AWB
  • Video formats: 3GP, AVI, DIVX, ASF, DV, MPEG, MPG, MPE, M1V, DAT, MPEG2, MPG2, M2V, PVA, MOD, TOD, VOB, MP2P, PS, MP2T, TS, H.263 / H.264 / ASP / AVC, MP4, M4P, MOV, QT, WMV, DVR-MS, FLV, MJPG, OGG, OGM, RM
  • Playlist formats: M3U, PLS, RSS

All formats mentioned above are organized with Nero MediaHome and synchronized with optional external media or deleted directly from the program of internal or external memory. The library also automatically monitors folders and drives to new media files. This and many other functions are user-friendly held with simplified settings. This means on the one hand easy-to-use and also fewer options for professionals.

Nero pictures edit, manage & Create slideshows

Probably the most extensive range of functions offered by the Nero MediaHome Download it comes to photos. The free version set to music created slide shows and photo albums without spending a dime costs. Creating cards, calendars and photo books, however, is not free. Selbige users can indeed make reference to various templates - including clipart, frames, images and text - but saving or printing is not possible. Whether for a fee or for free, ready-to-own compilations are available in the Media Browser under the item photo products by clicking ready for viewing. LMWH managing, naming and editing images is relatively loose by the hand, sometimes even significantly better than with other free downloads for image management from our catalog. The program interface is modern and designed airy, however, appears to be relatively power-hungry because they do not really run smoothly on the trial basis used dual-core mobile. Included in the overview Photos sorted prepared according to date, recognized persons or keywords, also you will find the files on the drive with the Nero Media Browser. People can sort them into albums and find Recognition by Face. That too Editing images stands on the functional agenda, albeit with some basic functions: Remove Automatic optimization (exposure and color correction), cropping, alignment, red eyes, raising, backlight, color temperature and saturation as well as the Photo Effects Sepia, Blur, Glow, frame and some more. When applying effects to NMH are sometimes a bit cumbersome on the tester. Changes are shown on request by before / after view has to be activated by the top right icon before. On the right, also image information, such as aperture, shutter speed, etc. ready.

Nero MediaHome Download Photo Effects

To process photos on, select users to create the desired function in the bottom bar via New. We opt for the Create a slide show. The can indeed create only as WMV, but in high quality and with acoustic accompaniment in the free version of Nero MediaHome. The production is kept simple: start, select images, paste and possibly sort, filter design, titles, and music, possibly throwing my preview a look and export. somewhat dowdy solved is the final rendering. It just starts without feedback or display of the current progress - the better. For this you can continue working with the program, however, during creation, but a power loss is palpable. Finished slideshows are left hand in the media overview prepared under the item slideshows.

Create Nero MediaHome Download Slide

play integrated music management and Videos

In terms of video Nero MediaHome is much more limited. They are displayed along with pictures in the section photos and videos in the overview and can be played. To the possible presence of a graphics card hardware acceleration is supported. One or more videos to burn either on DVD or via AVCHD on Blu-ray, provided one does the paid expansion. That was it already. Music is Nero MediaHome sorted by album, artist, genre or individual titles and enables via search window to quickly find individual songs. If available, NMH displays associated covers, on request is here by Gracenote online database, or refilled manually. To listen to music, start user either individual songs by double draw on last listen track or sorted by rating favorites, or organize playlists. All these points are left hand in the Media Browser well stocked available.

Nero Media Server for movies, music and photos (full HD and Ultra HD)

Who wants to use his own PC only as a sorted database and other network devices used to play, can via the options menu enable streaming. Thus transferring Nero MediaHome photos, videos and music to external devices. Here is an access control ready to verify individual registered devices. Praiseworthy: Images are transferred in full and Ultra HD, music on demand transcoding to optimize the amount of data transferred and to keep the network load low.

Enable Nero MediaHome Download Media Server