Bloons TD 5 app

The Bloons TD 5 APK one of the most successful games of the genre. Blame many hours diversified full entertainment and numerous challenges. The app is available not only for androids, but also for iOS to download.

Bloons TD 5 APK: Family friendly game with numerous enhancements and features

The game principle is a classic tower defense game. However, there are monkeys instead defenses and balloons instead of hostile armies. So the game for all ages is suitable, but this does not spoil the entertainment value. Because the developers have incorporated a lot of maps, extras, challenges and features, as well as a two-player mode. Then there is the charming graphics and daily quests, thanks to which can well entertain the Bloons TD 5 APK in the long run.

Bloons TD 5 APKAddictive gameplay with the Bloons TD 5 APK.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 offers different levels of difficulty

The compatibility of the game with various age groups and hardcore gamers or casual gamers is further enhanced by different levels of difficulty. So beginners or children can start on the easy level and by and by the specifics of the game or the characteristics of the "towers" to meet without fail equal to difficult levels. All fans of TD can directly with difficult challenges.

The functions of the Games at a glance

The Bloons TD 5 APK provides long-term entertainment and because of these features:

  • 20 powerful towers with activated abilities and two upgrade paths
  • About 30 routes
  • Two-player mode on custom routes
  • Depending ten special agents and missions
  • More than 250 random missions
  • Various opponents as robust Camos, Regrower-Bloons or the fearsome ZOMG
  • Three selectable difficulty levels
  • Nice interface and family-friendly design

Costs and in-app purchases

Bloons Tower Defense 5 will cost depending on the operating system between 2.24 euros and 3.14 euros. In addition, the game offers the option of in-app purchases that are there to purchase depending on the package between 83 cents to 37.65 euros. However, the game can be with a little skill and the right without additional extras play well. The approximately three Euros worth in any case for TD fans as for newcomers, and who has the game once on the phone, which it will be hard to ever put it back out of his hand.