With the Dekart SIM Manager Download get users a powerful manager for SIM cards. The Shareware is helping to edit easily and quickly the address book, the PIN numbers and all other stored on the SIM card information.

Lock SIM card and unlock the Dekart SIM Manager Download

Dekart SIM Manager requires only a PC / SC-compliant smart card reader in addition to Windows. With the shareware can be synchronize address books and text archives with other SIM cards or editing on a PC. In addition, you can administrate the security codes of SIM and USIM cards by turn the PIN code on and off or changed. SIM cards can lock and unlock.

Dekart SIM Manager Download

Manage GSM 3G and Nextel SIM cards

The Dekart SIM Manager includes a built-in mechanism for data backup. with which is straightforward copies of Create SIM cards leave to serve in case the original as a backup. The shareware supports Nextel and 3G SIM cards as well as older GSM cards. The contents of various cards can be synchronized when the user, for example, change the network provider. On request, the shareware exported contacts in CSV format.

Manage address book and SMS archive

Of the Dekart SIM Manager Download saves a lot of time and nerves in the processing of contacts. Instead this task tedious to attend on the mini-phone keypad, simply use a computer and SIM Manager. The shareware facilitates Management of the address book of the SIM card and other stored on the card, among other things, received and sent text messages, and the list of recently dialed numbers. In the settings, the user can switch the software to a German language interface.

Dekart SIM Manager Download Settings

Dekart SIM Manager exports contacts in MS Outlook

If desired, the user exports the contacts of a SIM card in a CSV file and reads them in a mail client. So you can quickly and easily own Syndicate MS Outlook address book with the phonebook of the SIM or merge contacts from multiple address books. Address book entries can be reduced to a slap on the current state and add or delete primaries. This proves particularly useful when a trip of a country is at stake to another. Other programs in the field "telecommunications" You will find in our software catalog for free download.

Limitations of Dekart SIM Manager

The trial version is available 30 days.