Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2 brings users one step closer to your own four walls. arise on the basis of the supplied templates or completely on their own power from the basement on the ground floor to the roof with the house planners dream homes by clicking on the screen.

Ashampoo Home Designer Download: dream home design on the PC

Using the project wizard you put in Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2 basic as Information on clients, planners and construction projects as well as dimensions and shape of the ground plan or number of planned floors and roof Form solid. Here can be Pro variable ceiling heights for the floors as well as implement customized roofs compared to Ashampoo Home Designer. This planning base is then filled with all the elements that make a house only be to the house. This applies to walls and ceilings as well as windows, doors and stairs, as well as solar elements or chimneys.

Ashampoo Home Designer Download

make garden with terraces, paths and flower beds

Here are the home builders after the Ashampoo Home Designer download in an extensive object library Home furnishings such as electrical appliances and furniture at leisure. Even the surrounding garden can mess with the shareware on the monitor and customize with terraces, paths and water and beds.

save plans as 3D graphics

Accessibility also ensure that all measures be included exactly in the planning, with both metric and imperial units are possible. By clicking calculated Ashampoo Home Designer Pro also by area, length and volume measures. Last but not least roams to his future dream home in 3D on the screen, outputs space books and timber lists and stores the plans in three-dimensional form as a graphic from.

Area and volume calculation for your own 3D designs

New features in the current Ashampoo Home Designer Download are 2D symbols for challenging 2D views, an optimized angular dimension measurements over polygons, 3D photovoltaic modules, a shadow simulation for planning of photovoltaic systems, automatic area calculation for first- and Trauflängen, flashings, ridges and verges and a surface and volume calculation for your own 3D designs and objects.

Ashampoo Home Designer is aimed own apartment a completely

With Ashampoo Home Designer Pro can the plan interior and exterior views of your own dream house pretty well, develop and design. Useful are the automatic calculations, so that the designer can concentrate on the design. With the object library house or apartment to set up complete with doors, windows, electrical appliances etc. one. More houses and apartments planner is available for free download in our software offering.

Ashampoo Home Designer Download Design

planning dream apartment directly on the PC and set up At work with Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2 let homeowners their creativity run wild. The prospective client realized from the floor plan to interior design and the green oasis called garden his dream of your own home. Since the house plan is not entirely trivial undertaking with PC help, are of the shareware project wizards to help.

Limitations of Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2

40 days trial version Free registration with the manufacturer necessary.