If you connect an Android smartphone to a Windows computer, then the mobile phone is not always recognized and data exchange so unnecessarily difficult. Exactly in these cases is worth the ADB driver, which is in our download area for free. More specifically, these are a driver package, which makes the laborious search for proprietary drivers of different manufacturers and individual smartphone models redundant.

ADB driver replaces searching for proprietary drivers

Ideally, the necessary drivers are already installed on the PC or automatically installed after connecting the Android smartphones or Android tablets. For various reasons, however, it may come at this point to errors, especially under the operating system Windows 8. So far, the time-consuming manual search for proprietary drivers of individual manufacturers and individual smartphone models was then always announced.

ADB driver

With the ADB Driver Download this step now eliminated. The developer Koushik Dutta has tackled the problem of the various manufacturers drivers and proceeded to produce an individual driver package. This package should bring all Android devices running or ensure the connection of Android devices to the computer, regardless of make or model, whether it be the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S5.

No reboot after installing the Android-Windows driver package needed

The installation process has been simplified by the developer Dutta by various methods. This eliminates the need to install the ADB driver for example, the usual system restart. simplifying including through the automatic installation of ClockworkMod as a trusted publisher during the setup process is made possible.

Install ADB Driver

Driver package for Android helps with Windows 8 and other Windows systems

Not only, but especially on Windows 8 to install the appropriate software was previously always a time-consuming affair. Background is Microsoft's driver policy to support only verified device drivers. Thanks to the ADB driver known as Universal ADB Driver belongs to this problem of the past. After the ADB Driver Download the user only has the "More info / additional information" option and then select "Run Run anyway / Anyway" option. but the universal driver package of Koushik Dutta is not only suitable for Windows 8, but can also help older Windows systems. Whether a 32- or 64-bit system is used, it does not matter.

Setup ADB Driver

The search is over Photos want stored on the PC and new favorite songs from time to time be loaded on the smartphone. Summary: Without a functioning connection between the Android device and computer data exchange is hardly possible. Was for this exchange previously manual search for proprietary drivers of individual manufacturers and individual smartphone models announced, so now the ADB driver replaces these time-consuming search in a universal driver package. Installation is quick and convenient by itself out of hand, so that the liquid data exchange, nothing stands in the way. And yet you have problems: Here you can download additional driver for free.