3D Driving School Europe

3D Driving School Europe

The 3D Driving School prepares driving license candidates on the PC to the practical driving test. The European demo of the driving school includes the first two scenes with the free driving mode and the driver training area.

Realistic driving simulation by 3D Driving School Europe Download

Graphically, the 3D Driving school is still impressive, even if the virtual driving school already has a few years under its belt. The Tutorial accompanied learner drivers in a fairly realistic driving simulation by road. One possible sit in the driver’s seat of several vehicles and jet through the city. A tour on the motorcycle, light motorcycle or quad is possible. Trips can also be completed with the 3D driving school. A driving instructor in the passenger seat given tips and points to mistake attention.

3D Driving School Europe Download

3D Driving School Europe as a good preparation for the theory test

The 3D driving simulation makes with everyday traffic situations familiar without the new drivers have to risk damage to the paintwork. He can leave his route at any time and go freely in compliance with the traffic rules. In test mode, this free travel is of course not possible. Here it comes after seven driving errors to cancel. The 3D Driving School Europe Download is particularly suitable to prepare for the theory test. Learning the traffic rules is the primary target. The practical driving in a car or on a motorcycle can probably be adequately learned only in a real vehicle.

The novice learns first on the driver training area

The construction of driving practice takes place step by step in the small town Gobesdorf. First, the driver training area is announced. The learner learns of the virtual driving instructor the usual basics: Right before left, grant right of way, stop, driving over traffic lights, correct right and left turning, mirrors and side views, and much more.

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Selection from the different license categories

In the full version of Fahrnovize learn driving in rain, snow and at night and is also enlightened when to turn on headlights and windshield wipers. The city traffic in Berlin is a lesson well with it. The specified special drives are also an issue: Urban driving on a country road and a European motorway through Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain. The car fleet, the learner has to select from the different license categories.

3D Driving School Europe Download Highway

3D Driving School provides the learner targeted before problems arise

The driving exercise is done in 3D cities with roads and traffic signs, buildings, pedestrians and other vehicles. The driving license candidates running in real time through the simulated world and faces the task to observe the traffic rules. A learning and training mode is to ensure that the learner driver converts the instructions of the virtual driving instructor correctly targeted in problem situations. These include, for example, priority situations or adhering to speed limits. He must pay attention to anything that even with a "real" Training cruise of relevance would be the appropriate speed and the observance of the traffic signs through to timely signal and brakes and also the look in the mirror.

Links Transport in London and driving at night in Madrid

Particularly interesting is the European edition. Here you can switch on the navigation system and scampered across European roads. The learner learns the left-hand traffic in London, has to assert the defensive training in Paris without being provoked by traffic rowdies. There is also a night journey in virtual Madrid and a replica of the historic Ghent in Belgium with a police game for people who like to ride times faster with flashing lights.

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3D Driving School Europe Download Links Transport

Statistics show individual weaknesses

the vehicle is controlled according to the 3D Driving School Europe Download and installing either via keyboard or mouse. Having completed a practice round of the virtual driving instructor reveals which mistake the student has committed in his city rides and shows the individual weaknesses in statistics. Virtual driving school for driving license candidates The simulator 3D driving school, the newcomer on the road can make quite familiar with everyday traffic situations. Bumps and traffic fines are not to be feared. The driving school software is indeed already a bit old, but still provides a fairly realistic-free driving with and without driving instructor. He can use a guided route, or go on your own through the city.

Limitations of 3D Driving School Europe

The demo contains only two maneuvers and the training ground. There is a limit of 20 views.