Remove vocals from song karaoke version even create

The next karaoke night with friends is imminent, but that's missing are the songs? We show how the remove vocals from a song can quickly and easily create and own karaoke list. learn here more now!

Karaoke nights are incredibly social gatherings, in which an enormous amount of laughter. Funniest, it is natural that those who hold the microphone in his hand, which were just not blessed with an angelic voice. No less fun it if you caught a song that was originally sung in an entirely different tone is. With free karaoke version download you can just fish out these songs in a huge selection. Who will not find it here, you can create yourself karaoke versions of any song.

Remove vocals from songRemove vocals from song: We show how to do it! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Remove with Audacity vocals from song

In many MP3 files of the song was placed exactly in the middle, making it easy to remove it with audio tools and create it own karaoke song. The free audio editing program Audacity is a helpful partner. All you need is the Audacity download and, at best, an MP3 music file. The following procedure works with most MP3 songs. We show step by step how users create karaoke songs with Audacity itself:

Step 1: Launch Audacity and open song

First, the Audacity program starts. Then the song from which the song is to be removed is opened. For this, the user clicks on File and Open ..., select the file and open it with a double click.

split file into two tracks: Step 2

In the next step the user clicks in the column (to the left of the audio track) on the black arrow and select stereo to mono tracks. The file is then split into two tracks.

Remove vocals from song stereo to monoClick on 'stereo to mono tracks' to split the file into two sound tracks (Picture: Audacity / Editorial)

Step 3: Mark soundtrack

Now the user has to click in a position in a sound track to select it. It must be noted that you click in an empty space, are in neither regulators nor buttons.

disappear song Step 4:

Now the actual processing, in which you can remove the vocals from the song begins. For this, the user selects effect and inverting. As a result, the song will disappear or at least quieter, because the same audio signals in both tracks now cancel each other.

Step 5: Save and Preview new karaoke piece

To complete the user clicks on the green play button to listen to the song changed to the sample. If you are happy with the result achieved, can save the new karaoke piece. For this, just click on File and Export.

Vocals from song remove exportexport new karaoke file. (Picture: Audacity / Editorial)

Note: The user should remove the vocals from song make sure that it does not overwrite the original, or the original file. To prevent this, and to itself to keep track of the file should be given a new name. However, the ID3 tags should also be included in the saved copy, otherwise the next step does not work on the song:

Step 6: Load Lyrics

The aim, remove the vocals from the song is indeed achieved, but still an important thing for the karaoke night is missing: the lyrics. With an automatic lyrics download the user receives the associated texts without much effort.

If the time is too short to create all karaoke songs themselves can be made to the above karaoke version download. There is a large selection of ready songs from all genres and eras. We hope you enjoy cheerful warble!