At the WISO Buchhaltung Download The name is basically already program. The shareware supports double-entry bookkeeping and accounting and income statements, annual accounts and can much more.

WISO accounting download for Double-entry bookkeeping, accounting, income statement and annual financial statements

Who a professional at his side needs in terms of accounting, is absolutely right in this comfortable while packed program. The software is aimed primarily at financial accountant, sole traders or commercial director - this explains the large scope of WISO Buchhaltung downloads.

WISO Buchhaltung DownloadWISO Buchhaltung Download: The accounting-all-rounders (Picture: WISO)

Thus it creates the financial professional to stand out from the competition despite the large supply of free accounting software. of course, according to German law - - So not only are double-entry bookkeeping and financial statements, but also the profit and loss account and balance sheets of the program available.

WISO Accounting 365 provides buoyancy in the company

Thanks to the wide range of functions, the program allows not only a clean accounting, but in the long term to expose and cost-eaters and potentials. First, the WISO Buchhaltung Download brings from the factory with all the features to book themselves. Say, the tool has the standard chart of accounts SKR 03 and SKR 04 in the luggage that can be adapted to each individual demands and needs of the user, however.

WISO accounting Download accounting help

In addition, an accounting help and the manual Quick Reservation are integrated. The overview of revenue and expenditure, ensuring in every case. In addition, an interface to online banking helps to keep both the balance and open items in mind.

WISO accounting software helps to save costs

As befits software from WISO, a control module may not be missing. This created VAT returns largely automated and transmits it then by ElsterFormular to the tax authorities. A transfer of data to the tax consultant is provided here. This not only saves time and nerves, but also money. Depending on requirements, you can, thanks to the versatility of the program at the end of financial statements, compile revenue surplus accounts and profit and loss accounts.

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Also balance sheets can be pulled up easily. Finally, the so-called boss-Report helps to always keep the key financial metrics in mind, including the business assessment contributes. This summarizes the current expenditure and revenues and is extremely useful as a basis for negotiations in talks with the bank.

Limitations of WISO Buchhaltung

30 day trial that requires a free registration from the manufacturer.