How does the Steam Error Code 118 about and what can you do as a user about it? now learn more about it and carefree playing again!

The gaming platform Steam by Valve is designed for PC gamers now in many cases, a ne plus ultra. Games of all genres can be there - often very low in action - quickly and easily buy digital, then download, install and play immediately. Also, developers can present their own creations on Steam and offer for sale. Here you can download the client for Steam free.

However, the games can be played only when the own computer to the Steam network can connect and Steam functioning properly. So what to do when the steam emerges error code 118?

Bad news on Steam error code 118

Steam Error Code 118

Many players know it: In the very rare time the platform Steam does not work and you receive an error code that can hardly decipher at first. The aim of this small guide is to find out what exactly is in the steam error code 118 and whether or how this can be fixed.

This is required to install Steam!

To install the client, current versions of the operating systems Windows, Mac or Ubuntu are needed. about Windows XP with all updates, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8, Mac OS X 10.6.3 or better or a new Linux distribution of Ubuntu are recommended. The computer should also have 512 MB of RAM and a processor that can make 1 GHz or more, have. Users should also note that the loading on Steam every game, has individual system requirements.

see through Error 118

  1. First, it should be examined whether the own Internet connection is intact and works fine.

  2. If so, does the code 118 in general that just maintenance on the servers are carried out. This work lasts only a few hours in most cases. Whether and how many servers are currently affected by maintenance work, for example, can be checked on the website