The popular card game for the whole family with the Skip-Bo App on the smartphone or tablet. The Android application comes in a cheerful, colorful design and therefore provides the player different difficulty levels are available. In addition, the card game app, a ranking list to compete with friends. A good game on the employment of children.

Skip-Bo App: From game shelf in your pocket

Skip-Bo is a very old game that has already prevailed over several generations. It has transformed many rainy days in funny game afternoons with the family and is therefore an indispensable part of many game shelves. It was produced first in 1967 in Texas by Hazel Bowman. It is a modification of SPLITE and Malice. 1980 purchased by Mattel Group International Games acquired the Games rights. In Germany, the card game first appeared in 1987 at the publishing house Amigo. Three years later a version of Mattel. Skip-Bo, which is also known under the name "watch out" or "aces out," consists of 18 wild cards and 144 number cards. The mobile game makers Magmic brings the fun now with a very successful and attractive Skip-Bo app on the smartphone or tablet.

Skip-Bo App

Skip-Bo: Family friendly presentation

Who is disappointed by the dreary, no-frills presentation of other card apps gets out in the Skip-Bo Android application in mind that there is another way. Here the player pushes not just cards from A to B. In this game happens in a very colorful and appealing layout, which ensures even with animated components for variety. So in the Android application, the player does not simply against an invisible computer opponents, opponents animated characters. In addition, an interaction takes place with the opponents. The own moves are commented on by the enemy on balloons.

Skip-Bo App Design

Introduction to the card game

Even if the game for many users is known, the developers have not given up an introduction. Also here is again the child-friendly orientation of the games. After downloading the app Skip-Bo game rules are explained in a brief tutorial. In addition, there are three different levels of difficulty. For beginners, the easiest level is recommended as one can emerge as a winner from these rounds well.

Skip-Bo App Games

Challenging rounds for cards freaks

Anyone already familiar with the card game and looking for a challenge will not be disappointed. The game has two difficulty levels, which are much trickier. In addition, the player can compete against nine different opponents.

Card game created Rankings

If you like to measure with friends, will rejoice in the Skip-Bo App on the rankings. In addition, users can login via Facebook login. What the game, however, is still missing, is another online access. In addition, an offline multiplayer mode would be quite beneficial. Then the whole family could gamble on the tablet.