Check hard disk with Windows chkdsk

If 10 download you can not access a hard drive for Windows, is first of all peace announced. who the Check disk want the on-board tool can use chkdsk.

Check disk before starting chdsk

can before the Disk Utility chkdsk get to work, it must be determined first of which partition actually prepares the present problems. If users already know which ones are that, they can go directly to check with chkdsk. But especially when Windows will not boot and you are operating only from the Recovery Console, a first exploration by the Windows tool diskpart appropriate.

Note: To execute a command on the command line, it must be entered and then confirmed by pressing Enter.

Check diskCheck hard disk with Windows chkdsk: We show you how it works! (Picture: editorial)

  • First, the command line with admin rights is called and diskpart typed. After the utility has been launched, must list disk be entered.

  • diskpart now lists the available disks. It is important that behind all entries as possible as status "On-line" stated.

Hard disk drive Checkdiskpart lists the available disks. (Picture: editorial)

  • In this case, it is assumed that the problematic partition the system partition and the C: drive is present. Here first diskpart with "exit" stopped and then the command vol c: entered. The system information is no error message and the green light to check for hard drive with chkdsk.

Error checking and data recovery with chkdsk

the Troubleshooting Windows chkdsk can now begin.

  • On the command line is first chkdsk /? entered. Especially inexperienced users are encouraged to review the available commands alone. The parameters / f and / r are particularly important because they fix the errors and bad sectors on the disk and recover readable data.

chkdsk check diskWith the / f and / r error and defective sectors are fixed. (Picture: editorial)

  • Here, the following command is issued: chkdsk c: / f / r (: Must be adjusted if necessary to the correct drive names, the drive letter C). Since in this case the system partition to be checked and it is locked, Windows can scan them after the restart. Confirmation will be by entering j.

  • The restart is performed and the result of chkdsk appears.

If the disk to be accessible again, securing the most important data to another drive are highly recommended before proceeding with the worries hard drive. The HDD checking is possible with a special hard disk diagnosis.

chkdsk for professionals - gone HDD problems on the ground

If chkdsk does not bear fruit, it is time for real professionals. In a separate article, we list the most important diagnostic programs to manufacturers with which you can check the hard disk. Inform about the health of the disk and examine it in depth through its paces.

The drive still does not work? There is a special disk tool that can eliminate serious problems.

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