Photo Labeling makes the insertion of text, font boxes and balloons to a simple finger exercise. The free photo tool download is indeed simple structured brings for easy labeling of photos including use of text effects but that the appropriate functions.

Photo Label download as free version

The program download brings the freeware edition with a preview of all included functions on the PC. Applying can be here but only a variant of the font variants called soft contour. Thus, the Free Photo Label Download Although somewhat limited use and dispensed as Goodies Show bubbles or Create watermark, still can be in the editor images with text boxes labeled.

Adding text, speech bubbles and Wsserzeichen in the picture

The program interface is not the most modern, but opens up for even beginners relatively quickly. Loading images seems to a little old-fashioned, the appropriate dialog remembers with very narrow windows designed a bit like Windows 98 and not open to the Favorites folder of the current Windows versions to access. In return, images can be rotated directly in the Open dialog. If a picture was previously already worked with the Fotobeschrifter, this can also download a so-called correction file that contains the previous edits.

Photo Label Download

A prepared display is automatically placed in the mini-preview image and can be adapted to your left. In the text box, users enter the desired label, including the desired font is adjusted. Practical: The menu item Tools -> My fonts to choose on demand from all installed in Windows system fonts from the most commonly used. Then, only these are displayed in the font picker of the editor. Which makes the selection clearly, especially when many fonts are installed.

Photo Editor Download Label

If the font chosen, can additionally details such as text size and color as well as the position of the display adjust. However, the latter is also more comfortable with the mouse. In addition are settings for effect width, color and transparency ready. In addition, the adjustment of resolution and aspect ratio are available. The handling of this program area is, however, not very comfortable, so the adaptation with another program recommends labeling of photos. Who wants this endeavor no big picture editing, perhaps has already installed a Picture Viewer such as free IrfanView, which whithin such work the same way.

Limitations of Photo Label

Can also be used as freeware with only one label variant.

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