Do not Get Angry! 3 brings one of the most popular family board games on the computer. The demo brings the classic game and its characters to life, giving them a personality and makes the well-known game by completely new and innovative ideas more interactive and interesting. The interactive gameplay of Do not Get Angry! 3 for one to four players not only offers a full implementation of the popular board game, but also again completely new, original Extras: quirky characters, funny gimmicks, additional game modes, quiz pads, mini-games and original extra weapons make the competition between the players even more exciting. The game modes Deathmatch and Carry-the-Flag worry besides the Classic mode for added variety. The extras of Do not Get Angry! 3 include springs, explosive belts, sleeping pills, vitamin cocktails, cages of madness or toilets of death, with which the enemy can carry mercilessly from the game. Fiese gags and surprising twists provide long-lasting fun and hearty laugh.

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