Hearts Deluxe brings a Classic card games on computers with Windows 8. In the freeware to compete in two different difficulty levels against three virtual players.

Hearts Download as Win 8 app for friends sophisticated Card

The Hearts Deluxe Download integrated as Win App with a typical tile on the home screen of the Modern UI. is played with a sheet consisting of 52 cards without Joker. Trump all sweetheart cards and the queen of spades. The goal is to get hold of as few stitches or points. Who collect first 100 points or more, has lost. In addition to the traditional mode Hearts Deluxe offers a Hooligans- and a bus mode. The integrated statistics should enjoy mainly diehard card player.

Hearts Deluxe Download

Replacement of three cards at the beginning of each round

The notes played by the computer opponents called Lisa, John and Sandra. Own name and those of the opponent can of course be changed at will. The players receive first 13 cards Hearts Deluxe. The round starts with a card exchange. Each player passing in three cards to a player. not always but this applies: no cards can be passed and the player has to make do with the existing sheet in every fourth round.

The right color must be served

Who has the cross-Two obvious plays from this map. The players need to operate with a card of the same suit. Who has no card in the suit led is in his paper, sets any color on the table. However, on the first trick neither a heart nor the queen of spades card should be placed.

Hearts Deluxe Download Game History

After 100 points to be paid Hearts Deluxe

The player with the highest card collects at Hearts Deluxe each the bite on and play his next card. The cards are arranged in value of the two-to As as the highest hand. The color of the heart can be played only when a heart card has fallen already in a previous sting. The aim of the game is to make as many cards of color heart to the other players. Each heart card in a pass is worth one point, the queen of spades even 13 points. When a player reaches the limit of 100 points, will be settled and the player with the lowest score is the winner.

Beware of the Queen of Spades

Who needs to take a stab necessarily best to use the highest card of that color. To cast one should, however, open the Hearts Deluxe round with the lowest possible card to prevent other players undercut the map. Especially the player must be careful to stab not the color heart or the queen of spades. This seems only useful when trying a walkover or want to prevent another player at the walkthrough.

Walkover charged current opponents alike

Crafty Hearts strategists keep the ace of hearts as long as possible, since no other card is so valuable, especially in a walkover. If such a walkover succeed and a player has collected all the cards of the suit of hearts and the queen of spades, playing opponents will each receive 26 penalty points.

Hearts Deluxe Download Stats

Challenging and fun card game With free Hearts Deluxe Download celebrates the built in many earlier versions of Windows digital card game on Windows 8 a small comeback. Attractive graphics and varied game modes ensure a longer-lasting fun.