The search for a German word puzzle is over: The word Guru app find hidden words and train your gray matter!

Long overdue: The word Guru app

Actually, the concept of the app is not new, although word Guru is the first classic word puzzles of its kind in the German language. In almost 500 level players can make their vocabulary and their powers of deduction to the test. The principle of the game is as simple as it is ingenious. Similar to Scrabble must be formed from given letters words. However, in contrast to the brilliant board game it is not considered going to make as many points by long words with difficult characters on the best area, but all sorts of terms - at least two in each level - to find. the app starts relatively clear with a few letters, the level and difficulty of the puzzles within the first few laps increase. Here, players have to find all the time in the world the words searched for.

Word Guru appThe word Guru app is a mystery at its best. (Image: Word puzzle games)

Free app with paid assistance

The word puzzle in a rustic wood design can quickly become a challenge. Who, threatens to fail at one level of the word Guru app can display against coins tips. These coins can be earned to a limited extent, or - if you can not get along with his budget - will be increased via in-app purchase. Prices range here between good one euro (for 240 coins) to just under 55 euros for (18,000 coins). in addition, the commercials are eliminated permanently with purchases from ten euros. All cash unwilling puzzle fans have to live with regular insertions of advertisements and commercials.

broaden your vocabulary

The richer and more diverse is the own language, more impressive and more appropriate is communication. The German vocabulary currently consists of around half a million items. Most people, however, use depending on education between 10,000 and 100,000 words - the tabloids even comes with even fewer terms from. Who wants to be elected, however, and express exactly, needs to work on his vocabulary and can be Guru easiest and with lots of fun and high entertainment value with the word app. Anyone have become accustomed in addition, to use the words found in the puzzle aware, is able to access a more extensive vocabulary is not only fast, but simultaneously trained his brain.