Fans of the animated film "Train Your Dragon" get with the Dragons: Rise of Berk app her favorite dragon on the smartphone or tablet. In the cute animated 3D building game Dragons have grown up its own Viking village and varied missions are met.

Dragons: Rise of Berk app for dragon tamer

As a template for the game of American animated film "Train Your Dragon" was used, which is based on the children's book by British author Cressida Cowell. The film was released in 2010 - now conquer the hero of DreamWorks Animation tablets and smartphones. The user takes on the role of Hicks, son of the Viking leader Haudrauf, and to build his own Viking village. The user is in Dragons: Rise of Berk Android for dragon tamers and breeders and thus meets many famous monsters from the movie. Included are, among others, Toothless, skull crushers, canine teeth and storm arrow.

Dragons: Rise of Berk app

The app requires Android version 4.0 or higher and can be downloaded for free here.

Dragons: Rise of Berk Android - Cute building game

First and foremost, it comes in the game it is that the user builds his own Berk. For that he gets from the dragon support. He can send the monsters to fell trees and catching fish. The latter is used to plug the hungry dragon-mouths, that they also grow and get new skills. The timber in turn is needed for building the huts, to provide the village occupancy a roof over their head.

Dragons: Rise of Berk app discovery

Large Viking world in 3D

In addition, users can click on the more than 25 islands in the Dragon: go exploring Rise of Berk app. Many areas of the Viking world remain to be discovered and can be explored. Here, the player will be able to convince animation and its successful audiovisual effects from the stunning 3D.

Dragons: Rise of Berk App Dogs

Dragon breeding and diverse missions

Hence so do not get bored, the player is always supplied with missions, for example, the villagers carry constantly quests to the player approach. By satisfying this, the player can collect the currency "runes" which are used to buying kites or shortening waiting times. For the further development of the village and to protect against so many mysterious enemies, it is important to get more dragons. Collecting dragon eggs should therefore also be considered.