With the FotoMorph download transform photographic artists an image to another. Rather than just dazzled from the first to the second graph, but the images morph smoothly into one another.

Pictures transform the FotoMorph Download

can conjure FotoMorph course not, the transformation from a house in a cruise ship is likely to be conspicuous so well. However, the transformation of one face into another about bringing surprisingly liquid results. If the two images are photographed from a similar perspective, the Morph is done with a few clicks. Otherwise it takes FotoMorph by setting morph points in the image under the arms. Here you can also create gadgets such as Grinsegesichter by putting just a few points on the face and a little shift in the target image.

Whether winking Mona Lisa or dog heads that are to Babyface: there are few limits with FotoMorph. The result is really just depends on how well you arranged the Morphpunkte in the image. For gadgets, the Freeware FotoMorph is from the first second.

FotoMorph download