The Sims 3 for Android

The Sims 3 for Android

With The Sims 3 Android one of the most successful games of all time for tablet and smartphones is available. In the virtual world of The Sims, you can make friends, fall in love head over heels or lay down a brilliant career. Build houses and align it to your liking. Meet the needs of your Sims and turn 73 goals and wishes for free. From level to level the world of the Sims will be more diverse here: Discover new buildings, places or objects.

The Sims 3 Android and offline playable

The great advantage of the game is that you can 3 for Android also play offline The Sims. So it’s no Internet connection necessary than ever in The Sims Freeplay. Besides being able to pack multiple actions in a queue and so durchzuplanen an entire Sims-day, however, this is the only advantage that The Sims 3 offers. Numerous functions, which are known from the free version or the computer game series, missing in this Sims spin-off.

The Sims 3 Android

Scaled-down version of the Sims

Compared to other games of the series, the app lacks many features. Thus, the Sims can not start a family or have a baby. The selection of home furnishings, jobs and leisure activities has been significantly scaled down. Another shortcoming of the Sims 3 app that it is largely matter for the run of play, if you configure your Sim shy or as a party mouse. By the way: parties do not exist in The Sims 3 for Android as well.

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Classic without class

In addition to the striking limitations in the functionality of three Android the game is at The Sims else more in the background: Long load times while visiting the neighboring houses, the zoom can not be intuitively controlled with two fingers, but only by scale, and an annoying background music in a loop care rather than frustration for relaxed distraction.