Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection presents a colorful selection of classic versions of the card game Solitaire in Windows 8. The free Metro app impresses with high quality graphics and German tutorial for beginners.

Windows 8 by default without Solitaire

Some people may have not yet noticed, however, real Solitaire fans it is definitely not escaped: Solitaire missing in Windows 8. By default was the classic game since ancient times (from Windows 3) always included in the Windows package and pre-installed. This has changed with Windows 8th Fortunately, Microsoft has an alternative promptly, and even provided an appreciation of the evergreens. With the Microsoft Solitaire Collection Download There are the usual games fun with more variety, exciting challenges and contemporary, variable graphics and animations. In this way it is possible Microsoft to continue a more than 20-year tradition.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Download

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Download combines 5 game variants

The games package from Microsoft provides the user with the same five-fold solitaire pleasure because the collection comes with Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and Tri Peaks around the corner. Because the name is not quite as common here to explain: In Klondike is quite simply to the absolute solitaire classics. The other four card games are slight modifications and variations with slightly different rules. However, they have one thing in common: brain-teaser with the aim of clearing the table. For even more variety in addition, the opportunity to play in Vegas mode, ie by American dollar, makes.

Diversified by various game mechanics

A trait that many card games for free download in common is the easy-to-understand game mechanics. This also applies to the solitaire variations. For example, there is the variation Solitaire Pyramid, as the name suggests, with a pyramidal structure therefore. The game rule is that only two cards can be moved, which together form the value. 13 Only kings have a special status and can be cleared individually. Freecell, however, the game is not just about eight decks of cards, as in the classic Klondike. Here the player will also receive four free fields for parking tickets and four support locations.

Many extras and variable designs

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection download is a real asset not only for old solitaire hare. The games offer a great alternative to everyday life, because you can get super clear his head at a small round. And newcomers benefit from the solo games because the rules are clear and easy to digest. However, if you are not familiar as well with the solitaire variants, is inserted from the freeware with German instructions in the rules.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Download designs

Also, on a visual level sets the collection to variety. So is the classic interface with the green game table just one of many designs that can be changed to suit your mood. Select just check out the holiday mood, the beach look, dive with the aquarium surface or in the fall to enjoy the red colors of the trees. The backgrounds and card backs can be adjusted with the game settings easy. Is among the design templates still nothing suitable? Then allowed to let off steam with the design editor and your own designs are created. For additional Game Motivation connecting to the Xbox network provides. Who owns such an account can synchronize its high score over and secure. One can also thanks to daily changing tasks always provide further challenges and einheimsen medals.

Traditional game with modern elements

With the free download of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection to manufacturers the ideal combination of traditional and modern gameplay components succeed. Thanks to various game modes, the ability to compete with other gamers, and offers customizable optics variety is also ensured sufficient.