synchronize contacts threema: You have to know

synchronize contacts threema: You have to know

Who wants to synchronize its threema contacts must go into the settings of its smartphones. Under the right conditions lassensich chat partner in the mobile device correctly assign.

Users attach great importance to data protection and privacy can download the Messenger and chat threema eavesdropping. The service uses a sophisticated end-to-end encryption, which has been classified as non-critical data security from the Stiftung Warentest. To protect privacy no automatic matching between one’s own address book, and other users of the app will also be performed. Thereby permitting manual adjustment synchronizing threema contacts in the smartphone.

Threema Sync Contacts – the conditions

The Messenger app used to identify one created specifically for the service ID. Through this registration process, no automatic transfer of user data used to the server takes place. Thus threema can synchronize contacts, this transfer must be expressly agreed.

For this, the app features a corresponding check mark is set in the privacy. In addition, the messenger application must be allowed in the privacy settings of the smartphone, access to contacts in the phone.

If these settings are made, the synchronization of the data can be started. For this, the app disposable encrypted e-mail addresses and telephone numbers sent to the server and compares them without buffering with transmitted user data from.

synchronize contacts threema

Reasons for failed Contact Sync

If users who use the Messenger app will not be displayed even after synchronization, can have several reasons.
First, the data synchronization occurs only every 24 hours offered. If it is relatively new user, they sometimes turn up a day late in the contact list.

If the contact is not found even after several days, the entry in the address book is true in many cases with the contact agreement associated with the threema ID. It is equally likely that the corresponding user does not permit contact list synchronization via the server.

Threema contacts sync settings

Merge contacts manually threema

If, despite the correct settings can not threema synchronize contacts, you can manually assign them to the appropriate address book entries.

  1. First you go to the Contacts app on your smartphone.
  2. Here, the corresponding entry is selected in the address book.
  3. In the menu, is depending on the operating system, merge contacts or link contacts selected.
  4. Then select in the threema contacts the corresponding threema ID and confirms the operation with ok.

This link takes place exclusively on the mobile device and is not transmitted to the server of the Messengers. This allows users to create order in their contact information and the privacy of other users is not affected.