CRX is the file format of extensions for the Google Chrome browser. This means that the browser can be adapted more to the individual needs and requirements. But after downloading the latest version of Google Chrome, the extensions can be - and often add-ons, plug-ins or CHRome eXtensions (hence the abbreviation CRX) called - no longer easily by double-clicking in Chrome integrate. In the case of manual way only remains. How to show how it works, how to make a Installing CRX file can.

Manually install a CRX file in Chrome

Whether ad blocker, password manager or support tools for developers and designers - with the right add-ons can be the browser in an instant personalized and million of users makes it easier to work on the network. Users of the Google browser are at the Chrome Web Store thousands of extensions available for free. But just like in Google's Play Store, the company from Mountain View Lord is also in the house and determined - which added extensions there and which are removed again - sometimes more, sometimes less comprehensible. If you want to integrate a CRX file from other sources, all that remains is the manual way.

Installs in three steps, a Chrome extension manually: How-to

  1. Calling browser page with installing Extensions: For this, first click on the menu icon in the upper right. It opens a new drop-down menu. There you select the item "Other Tools", then "Extensions".Installing CRX file

  2. Once on the summary page with the already installed Chrome add-ons, you have to pull the CRX file just by drag-and-drop into the Chrome window. Here, the message "Drop to Install".Installing CRX file Drag n Drop

  3. Then a new dialog window opens. can with a click on the "Add" button to install the CRX file - that's it.Installing CRX file add-on Add

Mark K.

Conclusion of Mark K.

With Add-ons Google's browser can be virtually unlimited adapt to personal preferences, needs and requirements. Alone in the official Chrome Web Store are thousands of Chrome extensions available. In addition there are even numerous extensions from other sources, you can manually install the CRX file in Chrome. Whoever thought that it needs no extensions will be convinced after a visit to the category Google Chrome almost certainly otherwise. Very popular are, for example, ad blocker, the disable too intrusive ads. Also to add-ons commits to password management or extensions for individual Web applications such as Dropbox for Gmail or Google Mail Checker, which displays the number of unread messages directly in the browser window. One of the perennial favorites include proxy extensions that you can handle locks countries, such as YouTube or Netflix. Countless extensions that have been developed specifically for individual occupational groups - such as for programmers, designers and marketing managers - facilitate millions of users working on the network.