TomTom OV2 Creater

The free TomTom OV2 Creater created POIs ("Points of Interest") For navigation devices TomTom series. Thus, imports about the private address book in one go directly into his own navigation device.

Create POI files for Navis: TomTom OV2 Creater Download

With the little free tool TomTom OV2 Creater can be Generate POI files for TomTom navigation devices from a CSV file containing addresses. The operation of the software is not too complicated. First, the user needs a CSV file with the personal contacts. The abbreviation CSV hides "Comma Separated Value", For example, you can save the contacts from Microsoft Outlook in CSV format. To this end, the contacts are exported to an Excel file and saved as a CSV file.

The header of the CSV file is read

Now the user clicks on the Start button and gives the location of the contact file. The tool reads the header of the CSV file. If no header is applied, it immediately jumps to the first data row of the contacts. There is also the possibility, assign a contact has multiple phone numbers. while a separate entry is created for each of the two telephone numbers of the contact.

Private Geo coordinates can be imported

in the current TomTom OV2 Creater Download You can import your own geo-coordinates. These must be present DD.DDDDDD format. In addition, one can combine multiple columns (e.g., street, house number, address additive) in an allocation field.

TomTom OV2 Creater Download

discard file with TomTom OV2 Creater on Navi or memory card

The data is geocoded via Yahooapi. The tool presented by encoding the result of completed and one still has the ability to make changes. The Position in the map can be displayed and adjusted manually if necessary. Now choose an icon for display or loads its own BMP image file (22x22 pixels in 256 colors mode), assigns a category name and creates the OV2 file. The location of the generated file can be freely selected. Anyone who has already connected a TomTom or an SD memory card, you can also use this as a direct location for the OV2 file and the same BMP file. More programs for motorists and Navis are available in our software offering for free download. Uncomplicated import of POIs in TomTom Navis save address book as a CSV file and from the GPS. The TomTom OV2 Creater Download fills a gap that has probably not considered the manufacturer. The popular freeware created geocoded POI files and even allows the integration of a dedicated graphics per POI. If the CSV file only once present, TomTom offers OV2 Creater a fairly easy way to import POIs in TomTom navigation devices.