Of the vCard Grid Download converts between Excel and vCard data. The Java-based freeware goes with the current versions of electronic business cards and makes it easier to maintain the smartphone address books.

vCard Download Grid converts Excel and vCard data to

Instead of the contacts stored there to edit record by record with the touch keyboard, you edit comfortably in an Excel spreadsheet. At the end of the revision vCard Grid reads this and converts them with just one click in the electronic address cards. This can then be read from the smart phone or import in mail programs like Outlook / Outlook Express or Thunderbird. Conveniently, vCard Grid is also breaking the opposite way.

Based on the vCard data but the converter creates not only Excel spreadsheets but also comma-delimited CSV text files. The download area is found in addition to the program file a detailed PDF documentation explaining the operation of the converter.

vCard Grid Download