PicMonkey loads a Image editor directly into the web browser. With the free Web app is brought digital photos with a few mouse clicks in the form or send photo collages created. Take a photo retouching and filtering tools photos are additionally embellished and spiced.

PicMonkey Download: Image editing directly in the browser

The free download provides PicMonkey all important for easy image post-processing tools. Photos can be, for example, crop, rotate and adjust image parameters such as contrast, brightness and color saturation. In addition to soft and sharpen and Adjustment of light, color and contrast There are, among others, a tool for removing red-eye, as well as a tool for folding smoothing or for whitening the teeth.

PicMonkey download

remove blemishes and polish teeth

This Touch-Up functions are accessible by clicking on the lipstick icon. Portraits of people and faces can thus correct and retouch comfortable. For example, blemishes are removed, brought teeth with Teeth Whiten to the beam or providing the facial skin with a new make-up. The Red-eye Remover eliminates red eyes and weight loss slims the face shapes.

PicMonkey Download Touch-up

provided snapshot with annotations

In addition, the waiting PicMonkey download with effect filters such as Polaroid film, HDR, Lomo, Sepia, or Warhol. Useful is the ability to provide their own snapshots with captions and comments. Icons or symbols can be added. Creative photographic artists go this way templates for postcards, invitations and posters slight of hand.

create your own photo collages with uncomplicated PicMonkey

A smart tool for Applying photo collage completes the photo software. The result of their own work stores the image processing up to a maximum size of 16 megapixels. The free web app PicMonkey has to image processing, such as GIMP or Adobe Photoshop somewhat less functionality on board, but offers a much simpler operation. Training period is not needed here.

PicMonkey Download collages

download pictures from Dropbox and work with PicMonkey

Those who want to cut his snapshots quickly and easily manage, spice or provided with chic effects, saves PicMonkey time and work. Images for blogs or social networks can quickly optimize the web browser without calling special image processing. To start the photo-artist draws a picture of the computer in the web app or load it high above the upload dialog. For this, the Edit a photo button is used. Pictures from accounts with Dropbox, Facebook or Flickr can also be selected.

All actions can be undone

The handling is self-explanatory. All tools and tools provided with the appropriate icons and labels and easy to understand. The tools for editing and enhancing their own images are arranged to the left of the image. Above the photo, however, functions for opening and saving and sharing on social networks or send by e-mail. Individual actions can be undone and change the print size.

PicMonkey Download topics

The basic version is free usable

PicMonkey can be used for free in the basic version. Not all effects, however, are included in the free web app. The functions marked with a small crown remain the paid version Royale reserved. Images online and completely edit without logging PicMonkey makes the download image editing software unnecessary. The freeware edited photos of high quality online directly into a user-friendly designed browser interface in the cloud. Practical: To use the image editing online, is not even a free registration required. Anyone looking for a classical image processing as a web alternative and less interested in effects and gimmicks can also draw for competitors Pixlr.