After this Login are customers numerous functions related to the tariff available. Just stupid when the application is not working!

True to the slogan "Less Bla - more blue" can manage all essential settings without frills clearly online customers of mobile operator. Alternatively, certain users of the color-accented service can register after downloading the blue app mobile or directly on the site. incidentally belongs to Telefónica Germany, a company to which now also o2, base and simyo belong. Login: Find it

The application is actually very simple. After calling the site or opening the application the login dialog appears immediately. Here, only the mobile phone number and the specified password must be entered and the process will be completed with login. LoginThe Login is actually quite simple. (Picture: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG)

If the login does not work, which can be two reasons: firstly need to register before using the service; secondly, the information entered may be incorrect. As one proceeds in both cases.

The correct credentials

When entering the phone number, it can quickly lead to a number Dreher. The best way to enter repeated again. An often emerging source of error in passwords (especially on the computer) is an activated Caps Lock key. Then enter your password that is entirely in capital letters and it is not recognized as correct. In this case, this key can cancel and enter the password again. If this does not, in the next step, a new password can be requested. To do this select below the login box, select Forgot your password? out. Users who deposited an e-mail address during the registration process can be send a link to this. This must then be called and on the resulting page opens a new password be set. Login E-Mailreset the password. (Picture: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG)

A little more complicated is the priority when no mail address was not specified. In this case resetting the password is carried out by mobile phone number and PUK. The PUK is in addition to the PIN Unlock key of the SIM card. customers find the PUK in the cover letter that accompanied the SIM card. Following a new password can be easily fixed. Login PUKThe right credentials. (Picture: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG)

Registration on

For a successful login in advance registration is required. This is done in principle similar to applying for a new password without stored e-mail address. First, the website or the app is opened and after the option Forgot your password? selected. both the mobile phone and the SIM card belonging to the PUK are required for entry. Both data will now be entered in the appropriate fields and confirmed specify the operation with a password. This opens a new dialog window where a new password can be entered. After completing the registration users get immediate access to all offers of These include the management of collective and options convenient update your information or query the credit or the last bills.

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