Nokia Retro ringtones

Nokia Retro ringtones

Of the Nokia Retro Ringtones Download brings the era of simple tones and a charming piece of nostalgia back to current smartphones of the major manufacturers. The hip ringtones Nokia offers for free download via Soundcloud.

Nokia Retro ringtones download not only for mobile veterans

The package Nokia Retro ringtones consists of a set of monophonic ringtones. The ringtones are likely familiar to many mobile phone veterans. On mobile classics such as the Nokia 3310 they were standard long ago. The following Five Nokia Retro ringtones are the smartphone owners to choose from: Caprice, intro, jumping, kick and Tap Dance.

Nokia Retro Ringtones DownloadNokia Retro Ringtones Download as a charming piece of nostalgia (Image: Nokia / Editorial)

Newly recorded digital images of old classics

According to the Nokia design team the classics were recorded digitally re under the Ringtones in a professional studio audio when playing on old Nokia mobile phones in high audio quality and are now available for Nokia Retro ringtones download. The Ringing and beeps are in WAV format and should run smoothly normally on current smartphones like the Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy or iPhone as Real Tone Ringtone. The most downloaded and thus the most popular ringtones in the collection Caprice and jumping.

Nokia Retro Ringtones Download RetroRetro ringtones as Caprice are trendy (Photo: Nokia / Editorial)

Download the Nokia Retro ringtones via SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a service for sharing and distributing audio files, which also serves as a cooperation and advertising platform for musicians. The audio files can be offer to download and embed in Web pages. They are presented graphically in Waveform on Soundcloud and can be commented on by other users. Registration on Soundcloud is not necessary for the Nokia Retro Ringtones Download. These can be easily listen or download. Who would like, however, evaluate the retro sounds or use the playlist functions, must register with SoundCloud and login.

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Retro sounds as an alarm are announced

Those were the days, were not playing as mobile phones, the latest hits from the charts, but simply just rang and it took place a beep. The former audio Feeling now applies again as trendy. Retro Kling tone as alarm, ringtone and notification are announced and are reminiscent of bygone days.

Nokia Retro Ringtones Downloadlisten Matching Nokia ringtone and select (Image: Nokia / Editorial)