Farm Heroes Saga

In Farm Heroes Saga growing the thickest fruits and protects 'Happy World Farms' before the raccoons Disgusting. In the free game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga hundreds of interesting levels are waiting for seasoned puzzle players.

Healthy successor to Candy Crush Saga

Already with the popular candy puzzle Candy Crush Saga Games Manufacturer landed a real game hit. The signs are good that this is also possible with the healthy vegetable successor, because he is his predecessor in every way. The graphics are as complex and delightful designed and Knobel factor can be more than excellent. Who Candy Crush Saga had fallen already, will love this game.

Farm Heroes Saga Download

Farm Heroes Saga Download lets go the sassy vegetables

If that ordering of sweets at Candy Crush Saga is too unhealthy and high in calories, can after Farm Heroes Saga Download looking forward to a trip into the realm of vitamins. Healthy fruits and vegetables play the leading role in this garden paradise. However, the game principle hardly anything has changed: The goal of each level is to form rows of fruits and vegetables at least three matches. The challenge is to bring this with as little play trains to pass. Only in this way can the adversary in this game, raccoon Disgusting, kept away from the beds and are eventually expelled.

The vegetable harvest requires brains

As the game mechanics for the Farm Heroes Saga download is immediately understood, you can get started immediately. Boredom you have to, in spite of simple rules not worry. But on the contrary. The degree of difficulty increases with each level -and it returns hundreds. There are also two other tricky aspects: first, the number of moves is limited and on the other hand has a specific requirement be met in order to go through a level successfully. Mostly, the demand seems that a certain number must be collected, for example, carrots, apples or strawberries. Between the fruit-vegetable mix appear again and again on sun, rain drops and chicks. These can also be part of the task. Because of the constant change of tasks the game is extremely complex and varied. Not to mention that in each round the pitch looks back completely changed.

Farm Heroes Saga Download Level

Bonus points harvest and use vegetable Extras

Those seeking not only the completion of the level, but the highest score who has to collect various ways extra points after the free download of Farm Heroes Saga. Clever vegetable Puzzlern succeed bring by skillfully combining the fruit, because more complex series of at least four fruits bonus points. Rows of five from example apples even worry that all the apples fall flat on the field with an impact and disclose new combinations. The puzzle game also features rechargeable boosters, extra moves and power-ups to facilitate the players to fight raccoon Disgusting. Booster mainly make sense if there is no other way to end a certain level successfully. Gold bars and other power-ups are available as in-app purchase available, but are not recommended due to the Preisintensivität. The same applies to the purchase of new life. Like its predecessor, the living are also limited in the vegetable puzzle. Were used all three lives, you have to either be patient or take money in hand. A decision on the wait, it takes about 30 minutes to re carrots, apples and Co. must be diligent pushed back and forth.

To compete with friends and rivals, the results can be shared easily via Facebook after each round. In addition, fruit and vegetable lovers who can not get enough of the puzzles can play whenever and wherever they want. The manufacturer allows you to play directly in the web by logging on, via Facebook or by downloading a Android or iOS app.