Images for Mother’s Day: Flowers via email or WhatsApp

Images for Mother's Day have a long tradition in many households. But with age and distance they are shipped increasingly digital. Here is a selection of matching home!

In the image database each the right picture is Mother's Day. And all are free to download, will be posted on Facebook or sent via WhatsApp or email. Who does not like quite as vile, can use the images as a basis for your own cards and provide them with the perfect slogan for Mother's Day.

Images for Mother: Flower instead crayon drawing

What was really cute as a child and sometimes joy tears to the eyes, does not work quite as well in adults. Only those who are his outstanding talent is quite sure of his mother can give pleasure to own paintings. All others should rather resort to alternative Mother's Day gifts or put on professionally made images.

Images for Mother's DayBeautiful pictures on Mother's Day (Image: pixabay)

In flower pictures download User get 25 different motifs that can be sent via WhatsApp or email. The selection ranges from beautiful roses to a field full of sunflowers. Among the tasty motifs found almost certainly also mums favorite flower. And if you do not know them or finds, you simply select a different motive. Among the floral prints all colors and flower types are almost represented and each one of them will make the recipient of great joy.

Flower paintings as the basis homemade cards

You can send the flowery images for Mother's Day as a standalone greetings as an attachment to a dear and personal text. But who wants to draw on the experience of his childhood craft, the colorful taking photos as the basis for homemade cards.

With a variety of imaging applications, users can expand the beautiful pictures to their own sayings or famous poems. Who with his mother is an old children's memory at the core, creating a personal greeting.

The finished cards can then be sent as a nice surprise by e-mail or WhatsApp. Those who prefer a more modern, the little picture posting on the Facebook wall of his mother, but they are not an effective substitute for real postcards. Come printed greetings and by mail, decorate the room even months later with her immortal flowers.

Images for Mother RoseRed roses are since ancient times as a symbol of love

Alternative to Flower Delivery

Not always are diagrams for Mother's the first choice of the giver. For many of the classic bouquet is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Although you can now easily order flowers online, but they sometimes have their pitfalls.

In allergic parents organic flowers will not only provide pleasure, but for real irritation. And who wants to be sure of a real ostrich that attention arrives right on Mother's Day, be reckoned by the Sunday supplement with extremely high delivery costs. one is even in different countries, it is a delivery exorbitantly expensive or even impossible. Digital flower images, however, are allergen-free, free, immortal and will definitely be on time.

Images for Mother's Day flowersOrchids are considered the queen of flowers.

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