FRITZBox 7390 Manual

FRITZBox 7390 Manual

The FRITZ! Box 7390 is a very comprehensive center for home networks and supports both wireless technologies Wi-Fi and DECT. How to set up a home network with it, connect computers, phones, USB devices and other network-enabled devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, or printer, will detail in Fritz box 7390 Manual described. Hence technical amateurs can set up your home network without any outside help.

Tips and instructions in free Fritzbox 7390 Manual

Cable salad was yesterday. Phones, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other network-enabled devices can be a long time by using WLAN to operate without interfering cables within a home network and connect to the Internet. next to a DSL or VDSL This requires a router. The Fritz box 7390 is such an Internet router that can be used simultaneously as a DECT base station for cordless telephones. How to set up your home network so that, in the 217-page manual Fritzbox 7390 is described in detail. Tip: Here you can download free more manuals and e-books, not only on technology issues.

Fritz box 7390 Manual

Structure of the Fritz box manual

In no less than 28 chapters, the reader learns everything he needs to know about the router by AVM, the operation, connecting the various devices in a home network and much more. We start the chapter ports, buttons and LEDs. In a graph the functions of the various ports, the switch buttons and lights are first described and explained. How to connect the Fritz box 7390 to the mains, connect to the Internet and a landline telephone connection, box is described in detail in the third chapter FRITZ! Connect.

Fritz box 7390 Manual connections

How to create a secure wireless connection with the Fritz box

In the following section we will explain, among other things, that method of establishing secure wireless connections are available (Chapter 6: connect computers via WLAN FRITZ! Box), how to set up its own telephone number (Chapter 11: FRITZ! Setting Box for Telephony) or computer accessible from the Internet makes (Chapter 14: FRITZ! box as an Internet router). If you need more technical background about the technology of wireless local networks, known as Wi-Fi, short for Wireless Local Area Network is operated in Chapter 15 (FRITZ! Box as a wireless base station).

How to set up manual Internet router as a PBX

Fax function, call forwarding, Do Not Disturb function, wake-up call and many other functions of the FRITZ! Box telephone system are explained in Chapter 16. How to set up a network device or USB devices, you can, among others, in chapters 18 (FRITZ! Box connects network devices) and 19 (USB devices to the FRITZ! Box) read. Something more fully described in Chapter 25, what to do when you set up FRITZ! Box on the phone. The chapters on the technical data and customer support, and a drilling template and an index includes the manual.

Fritz box 7390 Manual Contents

Manual for inexperienced DIY enthusiasts Using the FRITZ! Box 7390 manual to set up a secure home network laymen and do not need any outside help more. The brochure explains the different functions in detailed step-by-step instructions in plain language. So the connection makes network-enabled devices fun!