So you can use Google Earth offline!

The GEO software requires a high data transfer rate. But it is also possible, Google Earth offline to use. Find out now how it's done! It is one of the most popular and best applications in their division and is available for all major platforms from the PC version on the Android app up to the iOS app. Moreover the Google Earth download is free. The only drawback, if you can speak as a disadvantage as such, is the online Binding: Google Earth is an online service. For the use of an Internet connection is necessary not only to download the software on the PC. Google Earth offline But there is also a method like the one Google Earth offline can use. This is described in the following step-by-step instructions.

use Google Earth offline - how it works

The well-known software Google Earth satellite and aerial images of different resolution superimpose geographical data and display on a digital elevation model of the Earth. Thus it enables the users an unusual view of the Earth. Through the integration of various individual services such as Google Street View and Google Sky, the software has become a very comprehensive application with multiple use purposes. Anyone wishing to use the service offline also, to only the following instructions must follow step by step. 1&# 46; Download Google Earth - Step: The software unless already on your computer, you can download Google Earth for free on 2&# 46; Calling desired map - StepGoogle Earth works as an Internet service best with an active Internet connection. but it can also be stored small amounts of data in the cache and are then called in the offline mode. Consequently, it is necessary that you first call the data that you want to use offline in online mode. 3&# 46; Connecting to the Internet - StepFirst, an Internet connection is established. 4&# 46; Calling needed imagery - Step: In online mode is started in the next step Google Earth called the imagery needed. The user who wants to use Google Earth offline, so you have to know in advance that he would like to use offline which data and which image material. 5&# 46; Step - note transmission display and separate Internet connection: When you call the data and images in online mode, make the transfer to the display. This appears below the images. Only when the images to be displayed have reached 100 percent, all necessary data is stored, so that the Internet connection can be separated. Now all the data for the desired images and the amount and settings in the cache are stored, and Google Earth can be used offline. Who wants to call new images and settings that must connect to the Internet and go through the steps individually before again.