download YouTube videos: yabeat alternatives?

download YouTube videos: yabeat alternatives?

Are there any good yabeat alternatives, which can be quickly and safely download YouTube videos and save music? And what about the legality? Here’s information!

yabeat alternativesYou seek yabeat alternatives? (Picture: yabeat / Editorial)

The best alternatives yabeat

Actually, the yabeat app and yabeat as Web App download a great thing – her any case in principle. There convert MP3s from YouTube videos little easier ways. And the app also comes along with very practical functions. There are, for example, quick access to the top 100 and handy list functions.

But one annoying enormously in yabeat: advertising. Which is everything but few and far between. And as also extremely dubious. So it is not unusual for strange advertising appears, guaranteed for under 18-year-old is not suitable. Who so do not like something that should install an ad blocker or draw on the yabeat alternatives:

yabeat alternatives Advertisingyabeat is actually pretty handy – but about the aggressive advertising you can fret so. (Picture: yabeat / Editorial)

An alternative to the even self-reference is made to the yabeat page that Web App is., Which belongs to yabeat empire and is not completely plastered with advertising. You can choose whether you want to save (mp4) the track as an audio (mp3) or video. In addition to YouTube you can also convert videos from Vevo, Dailymotion or Vimeo.


The side provides the ability to convert a Web app music. You just give a URL into the field, can even tags for artist and title complement. There is also a handy search feature if you should ever have any URL at hand.

Online Video Converter

The online video converter download can save you right from the browser video in MP3 format. In addition, files can hold as OGG, AAC, FLAC, WMA, WAV and M4A.

yabeat alternatives is a rather ad-free alternative from the yabeat universe. (Picture: yabeat / Editorial)

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

No web app, but actually a download is located behind the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. You must install this though. but it offers you all kinds of practical functions. Individual titles, as well as complete playlists can be converted and saved. Just copy and paste and you’re set. Imagine a list together and then let the converter work. In addition to numerous other MP3 formats still can be adjusted – in changeable quality.

And the whole thing even legal?

There are in addition to these, many other ways YouTube videos and those of other services to MP3 files or other sound files to convert. You have to see which of the alternatives yabeat best get along it.

But what about the legality? Because that everything smells once for illegal download. Since you but even highly invites nothing, you are in a legal gray area – which is not as gray as the spring of 2017. Since then, there are in fact a law of the ECJ, which says that the download illegally uploaded tracks may be liable to prosecution.

but many of the uploaded to YouTube and Co. items are not uploaded illegally, but come of artist or record company itself principle -. it also means, for example, in the disclaimer at – is there no copy protection, which would make the whole thing legal. The terms and conditions of YouTube but actually say something completely different.

Who wants to read more on the subject, looks best in this article: Are YouTube Converter legally or is that a crime?