Zusi train simulators

In which Zusi train simulators Download the inclined hobby workers starts to two variants in the cab of a virtual locomotive. The focus is, according to the manufacturer's realistic to replicate the technical and operational processes on German railway lines.

Zusi train simulators download as a virtual recreation of real railway lines

Ex works both versions of Zusi train simulators bring with virtual replicas of real track routes. In the older version of the demo version is equipped with the distance between the North Rhine-Westphalian towns Ottbergen and Altenbeken, with her successor is the termination stop the same, only here you start the trip in Bad Driburg. In addition, two Zusi is train simulators in the full version ever an editor for own routes at.

Zusi train simulators Download

The Zusi Railway Simulator 3 will continue supplemented by a driving school mode explained in the course of driving events and signals. By the way: DS Zusi color witch we offer a specialized color picker and -umrechner for Zusi color system for download.

Limitations of Zusi train simulators

functional limitations