Who is dissatisfied with the Outlook, you can delete the account in a few steps. now learn more about how to do that Delete Outlook Account can!

To write, receive and manage e-mails from the webmail service of Microsoft is well suited. Here you can download the latest version of Outlook for free. The free service offers many additional functions that go on writing and managing e-mail, the horny as the integration of Skype.

Delete Outlook account - how it works!

Perfect the e-mail service is therefore far. For example, is not possible to move or copy emails from a folder other accounts using drag-and-drop technique. Who wants to delete the Outlook account from this or other reasons, will find in the following instructions. It is shown how the one hand, the entire Microsoft deletes account, but also on how to remove a single e-mail account with Outlook.

Delete Outlook AccountSo you can delete the Outlook account! (Image: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

Checklist before account deletion

A hasty account deletion should, however, avoid and must check in advance that you then leaves nothing important. So it is advisable for example, all to cancel subscriptions, before you delete the Outlook account. Unless one has used the cloud service OneDrive to share easily recover files that are too large to send by e-mail, it should be ensured that leaving no important files in OneDrive, you needed again at a later date. And finally: If change the e-mail address, it is advantageous if the lets contacts that you continue to take care of even after account closure, provides information on the account deletion and get the new e-mail address.

However, it is clear the decision, then proceed as follows:

  1. First you have to into the Microsoft account login under https://account.live.com.

  2. Then you call the page http://windows.microsoft.com/de-CH/windows-live/account-close-account and click on this page on the "close your account" -

  3. Then you will be prompted to verify the account. To close the account you just follow the instructions.

  4. During the logoff process you have yet to give a reason for the closure, and then click at the very end on the button "Mark closable account."

  5. tipAfter the account closure you have another 60 days to make the whole thing reversed. To do this, simply logs on again with the known credentials. Convenient to all who have acted rashly. However: After the 60-day period, the account is permanently deleted.

Deleting an e-mail account

If only a single e-mail account will be deleted in Outlook, proceed as follows:

  1. First, you click the Tools menu >> account settings

  2. Next, you select the tab "E-mail" and marks the account to be deleted.

  3. Finally, you only have to click the "Remove" button and confirm the deletion - done.