Samsung PC Channel List Editor

Samsung PC Channel List Editor

With free Samsung PC Channel List Editor Download get users of Samsung televisions a helpful tool for creating channel lists at hand. Using the program can TV friends very easily sort the PC their favorite stations now. After that, the list is easily exported to finish is the personal wish list of channels. supported units of Series C, D, E and F.

Editor convenient to own station list thanks to Samsung Channel List PC Download

Anyone who has purchased a new TV set, initially admired his usually larger and sharper image. But one annoying quite formidable: The order of the TV channel. Since these are usually arranged in alphabetical order, the order for many users is useless. the user leaves two options now: either sort in arduous manual labor with the remote control transmitter all new. However, this is not only a very slow process, it is also extremely annoying. Alternatively, you look at the effort simply save, by carrying out the Samsung PC Channel List Editor download. The freeware is Create custom channel lists child’s play. This program from the wide range of free leisure software is an able helper that saves both time and nerves.

Samsung PC Channel List Editor Download

Leisure Software for Samsung TVs

For the software, no special system requirements. The editor runs smoothly on Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP. The file of the Samsung PC Channel List Editor downloads is a good six MB in size, so the download is relatively fast vonstatten. The program supports several models of Samsung TVs. These include the Devices from Samsung Series C, D, E and F. is cumbersome to sort the channels but not only on these devices, even with HD recorders and Blu-ray players can be creating channel lists into a spasm. Here, the present channel editor can help. The user can toggle the transmitter a few steps at will and forth – and all from your PC. Older devices like the series B from Samsung are not supported by the program.

Easy handling of the Samsung PC Channel List Editor

Before the user can edit its transmitter comfortable on your computer, it must first bring the predefined or created on the list of television channels via USB stick to the PC. The list can then be edited and re-connect to be drawn to the TV set.

Export TV Stations

If the user has a USB key at hand, the export can be started. For this, the Samsung unit is turned on, pressing the menu button on the remote and there stations chosen option. tap now transferred to station list, enter the PIN and select Export to USB.

Potty editing the TV list on the PC

the channel list after download from the Samsung PC Channel List Editor can easily be edited on the computer now. For this simply the USB flash drive is connected and the program can be started. The user opens the program start a kept simple and uncluttered interface. On a black background all the functions and commands are immediately apparent. A training period is therefore unnecessary fortunately. A small window will open automatically at startup, can open its list clicking on Open File from the user. The stations are tabulated and clear. Prior to sorting the user can on the above tab its receive path (Satellite, Cable, Air) filter. The editing could not be easier: Simply drag & Drop all transmitters can be arbitrarily back and forth. In addition, channels can be created as favorites.

Samsung PC Channel List Editor download Favorites

Small drawback: The application allows While deleting programs. If you save the list and open it again later, the transmitter unfortunately but there again. The stored station list can now be pulled back to the TV via the USB stick. Select the radio station and then transfer list again with the menu button on the remote control. the PIN is entered and the import from USB conducted, the TV is turned off and then turned on his. The new order is now available. Convenient creation of channel lists for Samsung TV Anyone with a Samsung TV Series C, D, E or F, can save yourself a lot of work with the download from the Samsung PC Channel List Editor. The unwieldy sort channel eliminated by remote control and is replaced by simple handling on the PC. Fast and suitable for any beginner.