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The Express Scribe Download helps users Transcribing recorded interviews. Depending on the features of the workplace, the Shareware works with foot pedals, but can also be controlled with a mouse click and keyboard.

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Thus, the playback speed fits with Express Scribe to the technical capabilities of the typist, the pitch is maintained at all times. conveniently, the player does not only sound but also video files will play and offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts for use in cooperation with external software such as Word.

Express Scribe Download

slow down or speed up audio playback targeted

Express Scribe transmits audio recordings into written text, and this includes a special audio player and a simple text editor. Playback can be quite slow down or speed as desired. This makes it very easily reproduce passages quickly spoken in the appropriate speed to capture and heard with the integrated text editor. Since this only contains the most important features that most users will prefer their familiar word processing. For all program functions, keyboard shortcuts can be set.

Express Scribe comes with all common word processors cope

A typist can control audio playback via a transcription foot pedal or keyboard and has additional functions as variable playback speeds, a multi-channel control, video playback, and a file management. The shareware uses hot keys to control playback when transcribed into other software. Express Scribe works with Microsoft Word and all major word processors and with voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. Especially effective is the use with professional foot pedals.

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in the Pro version Express Scribe provides advanced features

The free version only supports Alto Edge foot switch. Those who use other models, for example, VEC or Vpedal must purchase the paid Pro version. Also at the supported formats there are restrictions in the free version. This copes with encrypted DCT dictations as well as MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF, MP2 and VOX. The Pro version, however, also provides access to DSS (Digital Speech Standard), Sony Recording formats (MSV, DVF), Philips, Grundig, Olympus digital recorder formats as well as video playback with AVI, MOV, WMV etc. If a free audio studied recorder, will find in our extensive download offer. Specifically focused on transcription playback functions Of the Express Scribe Download helps transcribing audio recordings and allows you to adjust the playback speed by keyboard or foot pedal. The shareware supports variable speeds and the most popular audio formats. Also automatically, Express Scribe recognizes both analog and digital recording devices as they are connected to the computer. the writing aid by a multi-channel controller and an integrated file management is rounded.

Limitations of Express Scribe

14 days trial period