With Battlefield Play4Free Electronic Arts will launch the attack on the free-to-play market. The distributed as freeware tactical shooter the player steps with its digital soldiers in the Middle East against human opponents on the Internet.

Only extras like special weapons, clothing or widgets, the player must purchase. Battlefield Play4Free fits seamlessly into the familiar Battlefield universe. In large-scale and highly detailed maps occur combat units of different factions against each other. The player may thereby specialize as Assault Soldier, Sniper, Medic or engineer.

In addition to the infantry but you can also control, for example, heavy equipment such as tanks, fighter jets and ships and place in the tactical battle plan. Communication with colleagues as well as a level-headed tactics are almost as important as a strong arsenal of weapons. Before you can intervene as a soldier in the battles of Battlefield Play4Free, however, is the free registration on the EA-manufacturing side.

With the free Battlefield Play4Free friends get from multiplayer shooters very high quality games food for free. The 3D graphics as convincing as the many commercial gimmicks, which can be used to polish the game even more. Yet even in the free basic equipment Battlefield Play4Free is an absolute delight.