If the movie palace Stream legal or threatening warnings

May one the Filmpalast Stream use it to watch movies and series completely free? Or threatening warnings, lawsuits and high costs? Here are all information on the film portal!

Update of 29 May 2017:The grace period for users of movie palace has expired. With the recent ruling of the ECJ and users of portals like movie palace or kinox.to be held accountable and if necessary taking costly warnings of various firms. More our article reveals: Fatales streaming judgment of the European Court. Stay away from Filmpalast: Immediately therefore applies & Co.!

Original from January 4, 2017

Under no circumstances should you download titles from the side Filmpalast.to. Because this is an infringement of copyright in any case and that can be expensive. When streaming the law stands, however, different. We explain why, and what must be taken absolutely, so you do not fall into the Abmahnfalle.

Filmpalast StreamThe movie palace Stream offers free current Filem and series. That can not be legal, or is it? (Picture: Filmpalast.to)

Controversial legislation at movie palace Stream

Currently, users of the portal can still weigh reasonably safe. Streaming - even illegal online made titles like it at Filmpalast.to - is not currently sanctioned. Indeed, contrary to download a copy in the true sense is created when streaming. Although part of the title will be stored for a short time, but also automatically deleted.

Now the spirits argue whether that already constitutes a violation of copyright or not. And when two people quarrel would be glad according to the adage third parties - in this case the user of the movie palace Stream. As long as the legal situation, however, still remains unclear, can not be waived. Currently, the European Court of Justice deals with precisely this question and it is well anticipated that this legal gap is closed in the future. More to the current legal situation reveals the video of the firm WBS:

So probably wait for already known warnings firms already eagerly anticipating the judgment and then to send the first letters to users of such services. However, there is another advantage that benefits users of such sites:

Difficult identification of the user

So that the firms can send a warning at all, however, they first need the user's data. And which is initially not easy get hold. Should this, however, but to succeed, which in the case of a change in law will be expensive - up to 250 euros per title can it be due. Therefore you should definitely put on anonymisation software, if you really want to be out on such portals. Recommended it certainly is not, especially since there are a number of legal alternatives that allow streaming movies completely free of charge or for a small monthly fee. Our article Free watch movies: So legally stream! reveals the best addresses in the network, over which one can safely watch movies and series. Who wants to take a few Euros in hand, may at Netflix Watch these pearls of the film:

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