the manufacturer AVM Free Update supplies the FRITZ! Box 7320 with several new features. The new firmware optimizes the Fritz box and makes this a little more efficient with DSL, Internet and wireless.

FRITZ! Box 7320 firmware download: More power in the home network

The FRITZ! Box 7320 offers wireless N radio, Gigabit Ethernet, USB port, PBX and voicemail and media server many useful features for home networking. The latest update includes DSL, Internet and WLAN optimization, a diagnosis for increased safety and enhanced capability in telephony. Other interesting features are FRITZ! NAS with an HTML media player and smart home with a temperature display and a countdown. The child safety device has been made even more robust with the firmware update and mobile devices with touch screens are now perfectly integrated.

FRITZ! Box 7320 Firmware Download

The child safety device has been provided with new features

In the field of DSL AVM only mentioned some improvements interoperability with DSLAMs for ADSL. More generous the new features in Internet have failed. Here are, among other things Support for newer mobile sticks via USB tethering of MyFRITZ! -Access to the access type Mobile (3G) of the FRITZ! Box and a Ersteinrichtungsassistent extended to mobile settings on the credit side. The Parental Control can now be set up more easily and is more resistant to circumvent attempts. The input of child safety online time is now also comfortably via tablet or smartphone.

use wireless capabilities with tablet or smartphone

Even with the wireless features has in FRITZ! Box 7320 Firmware Download some did. WLAN Auto channel can be updated via the user interface and the initial setup has been to wireless information extended (display SSID, keys, option to change). Detailed information about the connected wireless devices (Rx / Tx data rate, RSSI, WLAN standard, etc.) can be retrieved. The Entering the wireless timer can be performed with tablet or smartphone, as in telephony entering the answering machine timer.

FRITZ! Box 7320 firmware with new features for DECT phones

Many new features are Fons for DECT and FRITZ! Been added, such as a combined call list including voicemail messages, support for important people and personalized ringtones in connection with the Google PhoneBook. An acquisition of own ring tones and background images is possible directly from the media player. is also worth mentioning the support of audio formats OGG Vorbis and FLAC. Other drivers from AVM are available for free download in our software offering.

FRITZ! Box 7320 firmware download connections

Various optimizations and more wireless power A total of 99 new features and improvements in WLAN, DECT, network storage, smart home and child safety lists the manufacturer AVM. The Wi-Fi zone was made clearer, offers more power and private hotspots can now be set up much easier. FRITZ! NAS users also benefit from a browser-based media player and new features for NAS files. The FRITZ! Box 7320 firmware download is worth it for all owners of a FritzBox 7320th