Of the Audio-CD-Archiv Download combines the functions of a CD-Ripper, a converter and an MP3 manager. But that's not all; below its main functions are explained.

Audio-CD-Archiv Download for managing your music collection

A download of Audio-CD-Archiv manage your music collection in two respects. For one, it rips any physical CD and stores the contents as secure on the PC in addition to these contents can then be easily edited there: The tool runs namely Additional information about the artist, album or even the cover art from the Internet. Following this, the user can then cataloging his collection to his wishes or clean up and create different play list. In addition, the audio converter can pick out the lyrics of a song and let it run while playing the song in the program interface. If the lyrics on the internet can not be found, so the lyrics can also be entered manually.

Audio-CD-Archiv Download

The audio CD archive supports many formats and different devices

Once an audio file exists, the audio converter can convert these into the following formats:

  • WAV
  • WMA
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • M4A
  • FLAC
  • Ogg Vobis

So that the tool can the different songs for different devices, how to make MP3 players, tablets or smartphones, including iOS devices compatible. A very successful feature is the possibility, with the tool itself itself to trim a ring tone for mobile phones. Thus audio CD archive has at least as many features in their luggage as other Batch Conversion tools for free download.

Large, almost confusing menu of great audio converter

The German-language user interface helps immensely when navigating through the tool as this - it is clearly due to the many features - has got a little confusing. But for that there is after the first start the program, a help file that explains one the most important steps and functions again.

Audio-CD-Archiv Download first start

The design is kept unspectacular and very practical: On the left side there are two columns which provide the music files at a glance, and also list the various categories. In the menu bar at the top of the user interface are the different functions that has the tool that way. Since pretty much every feature has its own button, it is easy to identify for the user what he must do if he wants something.

Limitations of Audio-CD-Archiv

30 day trial.