Is legal or threatening warnings?

Is legal or threatening warnings?

Is streaming to legal? The site offers movie enjoyment in its purest form: the latest blockbusters and the most successful series and without charges. But that may be legal?

Update of 29 May 2017:

The grace period for users of has expired. With the recent ruling of the ECJ and users of portals like or be held accountable and if necessary taking costly warnings of various firms. More our article reveals: Fatales streaming judgment of the European Court. Stay away from Immediately therefore applies & Co.!

Original from January 4, 2017

Also, if the choice and quality of the title may be similar: Unlike the download offers of a clear and modern interface, a complete range of Sky and the latest news from Hollywood. So much in advance: At the moment no warnings for streaming movies are sent. Really is legal, the whole thing still does not. legalIs legal?

Steaming is the movies legally on

According to current legal streaming falls into a gray area. Both the operators of such sites and their users should therefore exercise caution, because to call as legal, would be a whitewashing of the situation. This is due to the way how streaming works: Unlike the download movies or music, the title is not reproduced or copied when streaming. It simply creates a temporary file, which, however, deletes itself after a short time. So far, however, there were only warnings to users explicitly downloaded content and have passed the worst case. For then there is a breach of copyright and that can be expensive. Although there are currently no warnings of users, the legal situation can change quickly. The reason is that some lawyers see in the temporary file a copy of the work and then the penalties for streaming would be similar painful as for downloading obviously illegal sources – and from such a one can assume at well as here films and series made available that there is otherwise only be seen on a fee or not. Who wants to know more, should the clip of the firm WBS view: es legal o advertencias amenazando?

Better safe than sorry

To the question of whether is legal or illegal, not to give rise to only one should go on a legally secure page and fill his video evenings with films of portals that are clearly on the good side of the law. These include all the titles that are found in the media libraries of television channels or on YouTube. Although the selection lacks a little of its relevance in these free alternatives, that’s why you continue immune to substantial fines. An alternative that is now economically recent movies and series available are portals like max cathedrals or Netflix. The monthly fee for a basic subscription is less than ten euros and should therefore be affordable to almost everyone. Who partout not want to give up streaming at should definitely use a proxy. The site itself is advisable at this point the gate download, a network to anonymize the connection data.