Age of Empires is one of the most popular real-time strategy games ever. With Age of Empires Online now attracts a free version in the form of online games. For now, the long-gone empires of the Greeks and Egyptians meet here. build cities, establish guilds, to expand the sphere of influence with units and other buildings, trade, gather resources, fight battles and missions master - that's Age of Empires Online (AoEO). Properly influence gain leisure ruler but only Duch entering into alliances. We formed powerful combinations to dig enemy camp or to compete against attacks. Some quests are only to create in cooperation with other players. AoEO works on the free-to-play principle. This means that anyone can play for free, more recently, however, are paid upgrades available that allow the deeper introduction to different civilizations. Click here for the first expansion Age of Empires Online AddOn. The graphics are spiked as in usual online games with something extra to Schnuckeligkeit. This is due to no shortcoming of the video trailer shows below. Whether as a free version or with the additional AddOn - Age of Empires Online is fun and provides long-term guarantees for increased playing fun. By the way: Here there is also equal to the appropriate Age of Empires Online theme.

Limitations of Age of Empires Online

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