Arma 2 Free

The multiplayer tactical shooter Arma 2 is available in various editions already a while in the market. Now, the manufacturer with the Arma 2 Free download a free edition of Military Simulation to disposal. Minor restrictions are in place, but can be quite negligible.

Arma 2 Free Download for friends of combat and military simulations

Arma 2 is the official successor "Operation Flashpoint" and "Arma: Armed Assault" are called. Not everything in the tactical shooter for military struggles and desert Plink. Thanks to the strong character simulation and friends of this genre come into their own. The shooter set in a fictional land called Cherna Russia and on the island of Utes. The player assumes the role of a member of a military special forces and has the task of ensuring stability in the highly competitive region.

Arma 2 Free Download

Arma 2 Free is completely free to play

The manufacturer Bohemia Interactive offers the free version of the military simulation under the title "Arma 2: Free" at. The Free version contains no solo campaign, no support for user addons and mods, and no high-resolution textures, but is completely free to play. The scaled-down version of Arma 2 is presented in a handsome graphics, even if the textures of the vehicles and other objects in the Arma 2-game world have a lower resolution than in fee-based game. It is worth mentioning that no further charges are incurred. There is no item shop.

Multiplayer modes of Arma 2 games are compatible with each other

Fully integrated into the free Arma 2 Free Download was the Multiplayer. This has the great advantage that the multiplayer modes both games are compatible with each other. unless mods are used. Also completely available, the entire weapons and vehicle Arsenal from the known military simulation. Also on the editor, the player must not do without. With this, new solo and multiplayer missions can be generated.

Arma 2 Free Download Cooperation

Military simulation with over 300 different weapons

With 50 players per map in Arma 2 Free is something going on. However, the upper hand is sitting who thinks briefly before the shutter is released. The military simulation brings over 300 different weapons, considered as physical events "in real" and provides either on foot or in helicopters, tanks & Co. for an increased heart rate.

The cooperation in the special unit is important

Of great importance is the cooperation in the special unit. It may happen that a Mission can be successfully completed only if not desolate stormed, but acted defensively and consideration for all team members is taken. It makes sense, therefore, to analyze the situation before the attack thoroughly. Those looking for more shooter and shooters will find it here.

Arma 2 Free Download Cooperation

Military simulation with a very high degree of reality Arma 2 Free is not for the faint of heart and with 18+ + nothing for children and adolescents. The realism of the military simulation is very high. Puzzle gamers and mahjongg players should rather do without this download. Friends of manicured military simulation with good blood tactics Center, thick subwoofer and some fun in the hunt, however, are guaranteed to get their money. That in the free version Arma Campaign, the mod support and HD graphics missing, is dispensable. It is crucial that the multiplayer mode was left untouched so that skirmishes between the two versions are possible.

Limitations of Arma 2 Free

Activation required with one of the following services: OpenID, Facebook, Windows Live, Google, Steam. Slightly limited functionality.