25 new fish after Tap Tap Fish / AbyssRium Update

25 new fish after Tap Tap Fish / AbyssRium Update

January brings the AbyssRium update 25 new fish species and five other corals. describes which fish have been added and one has to do to unlock them!

After downloading the acute economic version of the app AbyssRium there are numerous changes and new secrets to discover in Indie Game. The game – which officially Tap Tap Fish is now called – and revolves around a lonely Koraliten and obscure fish, advanced from an insider tip to surprise hit of last year.

The 25 new fish AbyssRium update and where to find them

The new name Tap Tap Fish and five other corals join at any Nesseltier five fish species. First of all, so the coral must be enable to get to the fish. Here are all cnidarians, the associated fish species and how they can be unlocked at a glance:

1. Blue table coral

The first coral after AbyssRium update can for 3265 AC vital energy in a Koraliten at level 2000 (?) Will be unlocked. For that reveal themselves to her these fish:

  • Octopus: Blue table coral required
  • Squid: Blue table coral and three octopus required
    * Vampire squid: required and 1000 times tap Blue Coral table in the upper right corner of the screen
  • are Blue table coral required and the photo of a vampire squid has divided five times (in: Piglet squid
  • Kolos-Kalmar: Blue table coral and all four species of molluscs (octopus, squid, vampire squid and piglets Kalmar) is required

AbyssRium updateThe first five fish AbyssRium update. (Picture: IDLE idea factory)

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2. White Sea Anemone

The white sea anemone can be used for 191,223 AV vital energy and with a Koraliten at level 2500 are brought into play – and with it the crazy fish (?):

  • Leafy Seadragon: White Sea Anemone required
  • Bands leafy sea: White Sea Anemone required
  • Small scraps of fish: White Sea Anemone required and it must be a photo during the feature Delicious food are shot
  • Starting the game with notification: Red small scraps of fish
  • Giant Sea Dragon: White sea anemone and all four types of scraps of fish (Leafy Seadragon, ligaments pipefish, small scraps of fish and small Red Sea Dragon) is required

AbyssRium Update White Sea AnemoneThis Tap Tap Fish there with the white sea anemone. (Picture: IDLE idea factory)

3. Orange fire coral

11,196 BP vital energy and a Koralit at level 3500 are required for the third coral AbyssRium update.

  • Sawfish: Orange fire coral required
  • Pacific guitar fish: Orange fire coral required
  • Spotted torpedo: Orange fire coral required and all the skills (volcanic eruption, delicious food and song often he Moon) must be maximally expanded.
  • Risso’s guitar fish: Orange fire coral and 75 species of fish required
  • Big guitar fish: Orange fire coral and 200 fish needed

AbyssRium update Orange fire coralThis Tap Tap Fish there with the Orange fire coral. (Picture: IDLE idea factory)

4. Pink cauliflower coral

To unlock the fourth coral 158645 CS is a prerequisite of life energy and the Koralit at level 5000, then you can find these fish:

  • Dugong: Pink cauliflower coral required
  • Beilbauchfisch: Pink cauliflower coral are required and must be the image of a divided dugongs five times.
  • Blobfisch: Pink cauliflower coral required
  • Megamouth: Pink cauliflower coral and 250 fish needed
  • Pelican eel: Pink cauliflower coral and 15 great white sharks required
  Tap Tap Fish (AbyssRium): Find all fall fish

AbyssRium update pink cauliflower coralWith the AbyssRium update and the Pink cauliflower coral, these creatures can be found. (Picture: IDLE idea factory)

5. Green Giant Kelp

The last coral AbyssRium update requires 92,893 DL and Level 6500 for the Koraliten. If you switch the green grass freely, there is this Tap Tap Fish:

  • Basking: Green Giant Kelp and 10 Irawadidelfine required
  • Minke: Green Giant Kelp and 99 different species of fish required
  • Beluga: Green Giant Kelp required
  • Humpback whale Migaloo: Green Giant Kelp required
  • 1,000-year-old blue whale: Green Giant Kelp and all fish species of the game required

AbyssRium Update Green Giant KelpThe last species of AbyssRium update. (Picture: IDLE idea factory)

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