today who has name day? Who after name day today searches will find it in our name tags list here! For each day of the year, the viewer can see which names are on that day their big day and can love name-day greetings via WhatsApp, Facebook or e-mail to that person. So here pick out today's name-and just after the calendar 2017 download on the respective days Show Name day of friends, family and colleagues not to forget to send love name-day greetings!

Name day today: name tags list for every 365 days of the year

As a so-called name day of a person's liturgical Memorial of a saint, after which that person referred to applies. The feast is a bit gone out of fashion. Furthermore, there are regions and countries in which the name day plays a similar important as the celebration of the birthday. So to have a good reason to revive this ancient custom again and, for example to send WhatsApp name-day greetings. The receiver will also certainly be pleased at least as well as about birthday greetings, especially since these often come very surprising because many people do not know their own name day.

name day todayName day today: Just look in our name tags list! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Some names have several names day

The name-Maria, for example, on September 12, the name day Anna, however, on July 26. Those looking for the name day Michael will find in our list 29 September and the name day Elizabeth on 19 November. Following are the complete name tags list for every 365 calendar days, in the name day calendar lists all standard in the German-Name Days as well as some fixed holidays and day Saints.

It is also possible that some names appear repeatedly in the name day calendar, since it also are several saints and patron saints with this name. This is the case for example with the name-Catherine, the name-Andrew, the name-Christian or the name-Thomas.

Name day today: who, when, name day?

Name Days in January:

    1. January: Maria Wilhelm
    1. January: Macarius, Gregory, Otfried, Dietmar
    1. January: Genoveva, Odilo, Irma
    1. January: Angelika, Christiane
    1. January: Emilia, Johann Nep.
    1. January: Raimund, Balthasar, Caspar
    1. January: Reinhold, Valentin
    1. January: Severin, Erhard, Gudula, Heiko
    1. January: Adrian, Julian, Alice
    1. January: Paul one, Leonie.
    1. January: Thomas V.C.
    1. January: Ernst, Tatjana, Xenia
    1. January: Jutta, Hilmar, Hilary
    1. January: Rainer, Felix, Engelmar
    1. January: Arnold, Romedius, Mauro, Arno
    1. January: Marcel, Tilman, Dietwald, Uli
    1. January: Anthony, Rosalind
    1. January: Margitta, Ulfried, Uwe
    1. January: Mario, Pia, Martha
    1. January: Fabian, Sebastian, Ursula
    1. January: Agnes, Meinrad, Ines
    1. January: Vincent, Dietlinde, Jana
    1. January: Hartmut, Emerentia, Guido
    1. January: Franz V. S., Vera, Thurid, Bernd
    1. January: Paul, tungsten
    1. January: Timothy u. Titus, Paula
    1. January: Angela, Alrun, Gerd
    1. January: Manfred, Thomas v. A., Karl, Karolina
    1. January: Gerhard, Gerd, Josef Fr.
    1. January: Martina, Adelgunde
    1. January: John B., Marcella, Rudbert

Name Days in February:

    1. February Brigitta, Brigitte, Reginald, Barbara
    1. February: Bodo, Stephan
    1. February: Blasius, Ansgar, Oscar, Michael
    1. February: Andreas C., Veronika, Jenny
    1. February: Agatha, Albuin
    1. February: Dorothea, Doris, Paul M.
    1. February: Richard, Ava, Ronan
    1. February: Elfrieda, Jerome, Philipp
    1. February: Apollonia, Anne-Kathrin, Anna, Katharina
    1. February: Scholastica, Siegmar, Bruno
    1. February: Maria Lourdes, Theodora, Theodor
    1. February: Benedict, Eulalia
    1. February: Christina, Irmhild, Adolf, Gisela
    1. February: Valentine, Cyril, Methodius
    1. February: Siegfried, Jovita, Georgia
    1. February: Juliana, Liane
    1. February: Alexis, Benignus
    1. February: Constanze, Simon, Simone
    1. February: Irmgard, Irma, Hedwig
    1. February: Corona, Falko, Jacinta
    1. February: Peter D., Gunhild, Enrica, Peter
    1. February, Pit Isabella
    1. February: Romana, Raffaela, Polyk.
    1. February: Matthias
    1. February: Walburga, Edeltraud
    1. February: Gerlinde, Ottokar, Edigna, Denis, Mechthild
    1. February: Gabriel, Marko, Baldur
    1. February: Roman, Silvana, Oswald, Detlev
    1. February: Oswald

Name Days in March:

    1. March: Albin, Roger, Leontina
    1. March: Volker, Agnes, Karl
    1. March: Cunegonde, Camilla, Leif, Friedrich
    1. March: Casimir, Edwin, Humbert
    1. March: Gerda, Olivia, Dietmar, Tim
    1. March: Fridolin, Nicola, Pink, Nicole
    1. March: Reinhard, Felicitas, Perpet, Volker.
    1. March: John V. G., Gerhard
    1. March: Franziska, Bruno, Barbara, Dominik
    1. March: Emil, Gustav
    1. March: Rosina, Alram, Ulrich
    1. March: Beatrix, Almut, Serafina
    1. March: Judith, Pauline, Leander
    1. March: Mathilde, Eva, Evelyn
    1. March: Clement, Louise
    1. March: Herbert, Rüdiger
    1. March: Gertrud, Gertraud, Patrick
    1. March: Edward, Sibylle, Cyrill
    1. March: Joseph, Josefa, Josefine
    1. March: Claudia, tungsten
    1. March: Christian, Axel, Emilia
    1. March: Lea, Elmar, Reinhilde
    1. March: Otto, Rebecca, Toribio
    1. March: Karin, Elias, Heidelinde
    1. March: Lucia, Judith
    1. March: Ludger, Manuel, Manuela Lara
    1. March: Augusta, Heimo, Ernst
    1. March: Guntram Ingbert, Willy
    1. March: Helmut, Ludolf Berthold
    1. March: Amadeus, Diemut
    1. March: Cornelia, Conny, Nelly, Ben

Name Days in April:

    1. April: Irene, Irina, Hugo
    1. April: Franz V. P., Miriam, Sandra, Frank
    1. April: Richard, Lisa
    1. April: Isidor, Konrad, Kurt
    1. April: Crescentia, Vincent F., Juliane
    1. April: Sixtus, William
    1. April: Ralph, Johann Baptist
    1. April: Walter, Beate, Rose-Marie
    1. April: Waltraud, Casilda, Hugo
    1. April: Gernot, Holda, Ezekiel, Engelbert
    1. April: Stanislaus, Hildebrand, Reiner
    1. April: Herta, Julius, Zeno
    1. April: Ida, Hermenegild, Gilda, Martin
    1. April: Ernestine, Erna, Elmo
    1. April: Anastasia, Una, Damian
    1. April: Bernadette, Magnus, Joachim
    1. April: Eberhard, Wanda, Isadora, Max
    1. April: Werner, Wigbert
    1. April: Gerold, Emma, ​​Leo, Timo
    1. April: Odetta, Hildegund
    1. April: Alexandra, Anselm
    1. April: Alfred, Kaj, Leonidas
    1. April: George, George, Jürgen
    1. April: Wilfried, Egbert, Virginia, Marion
    1. April:. Markus Ev, Erwin
    1. April: Helene, Consuela
    1. April: Zita, Peter C, Montserrat
    1. April: Hugo, Pierre, Louis
    1. April: Catherine V. S., Roswitha, Katja
    1. April: Pauline, Silvio, Pius V.

Name Days in May:

    1. May: Joseph Arnold
    1. May: Siegmund, Boris, Zoë
    1. May: Philipp u. Jacob, viola, Alexander
    1. May: Florian, Guido, Valeria
    1. May: Gotthard, Sigrid, Jutta
    1. May: Gundula, Antonia, Britto
    1. May: Gisela, Silke, Notker, Helga
    1. May: Ida, Ulrike, Ulla, Klara
    1. May: Beat, Caroline, Volkmar, Theresia
    1. May: Isidor, Gordian, Liliana, Damian de Veuster
    1. May: Joachim, Mamertus
    1. May Pankratius, Imelda, Joana
    1. May: Servatius, Rolanda
    1. May: Boniface, Ismar, Pascal, Christian
    1. May: Sophie, Sonya, Hertraud
    1. May: Johann Nepomuk, Adolf
    1. May: Dietmar, Pascal, Antonella
    1. May: Erich, Erika, John I., Felix
    1. May: Ivo, Yvonne, Kuno
    1. May: Bernardine, Elfriede, Mira
    1. May: Hermann, Wiltrud, Const.
    1. May: Julia, Rita, Ortwin, Renate
    1. May: Renate, Désirée, Alma
    1. May: Dagmar, Esther
    1. May: Urban, Beda, Magdalene, Miriam
    1. May: Marianne, Philip N.
    1. May: August, Bruno, Randolph
    1. May: Wilhelm, German
    1. May: Erwin, Irmtraud, Maximin
    1. May: Ferdinand, Johanna
    1. May: Petra, Mechthild, Helma

Name Days in June:

    1. June: Simeon, Silka, Silvana
    1. June: Armin, Erasmus, Blandina
    1. June: Karl, Silvia, Hildburg, Karoline
    1. June: Christa, Klothilde, Iona, Eva
    1. June: Winfried Bonifatius, Erika
    1. June: Norbert, Bertrand, Kevin, Alice
    1. June: Robert Gottlieb, Anita
    1. June: Medardus, Elga, Clovis
    1. June: Grazia, Anna Maria, Ephr, Diana.
    1. June: Diana, Henry Heinz, Olivia
    1. June: Paula, Barnabas, Alice, Udo
    1. June: Guido, Leo III, Florinda.
    1. June: Anthony V. P., Bernhard
    1. June: Hartwig, Meinrad
    1. June: Veit, Lothar, Gebhard, Bernhard
    1. June: Benno, Luitgard, Quirin, Julietta
    1. June: Adolf, Volker, Alena
    1. June: Elisabeth, Ilsa, Marina, Isabella
    1. June: Juliana, Romuald
    1. June: Adalbert, Florentina, Margot
    1. June: Alois, Aloisia, Alban, Ralf
    1. June: Rotraud, Thomas M.
    1. June: Edeltraud, Ortrud, Marion
    1. June: John D. T., Reingard
    1. June: Eleonora, Ella, Dorothea, Doris
    1. June: David, Constantine, Vigil, Paul.
    1. June: Hemma, Heimo, Cyril Daniel
    1. June: Harald, Ekkehard, Irenaeus, Senta
    1. June: Peter u. Paul Gero
    1. June: Otto, Bertram, Ehrentrud

Name Days in July:

    1. July: Dietrich, Aaron, Theobald, Regina
    1. July: Martinius, Wiltrud, Jacob
    1. July: Thomas, Ramon, Ramona
    1. July: Ulrich, Berta, Elisabeth, Else
    1. July: Albrecht, Kira, Letizia
    1. July: Marietta G., Goar, Isaias
    1. July: Willibald, Edda, Firmin
    1. July: Kilian, Amalia, Edgar
    1. July: Veronika, Hermione, Hannes
    1. July: Knud, Engelbert, Raphael, Sascha
    1. July: Olga, Oliver, Benedict
    1. July: Siegbert, Henriette, Felix, Eleonore
    1. July: Henry, Sarah, Arno
    1. July: Roland, Camillo, Goswin
    1. July: Bonaventura, Egon, Bjorn
    1. July: Carmen, Irmgard
    1. July: Gabriella, Charlotte
    1. July: Arnulf, Ulf, Friedrich
    1. July: Marina, Reto, Bernold
    1. July: Margaret, Greta, Elias
    1. July: Daniel, Daniela, Stella, Julia
    1. July: Magdalena, Marlene, Verena
    1. July: Birgitta, Birgit, Liborius
    1. July: Christopher, Sieglinde, Luise
    1. July: James Elder, Valentina
    1. July: Anna u. Joachim, Gloria
    1. July: Rudolf, Rolf, Pantaleon, Natalie, Berthold
    1. July: Adele, Ada, Innocent, Benno
    1. July: Martha, Olaf, Ladislaus, Flora
    1. July: Ingeborg, Inga, Peter C.
    1. July: Ignatius, Joseph v. Ar., Herrmann

Name Days in August:

    1. August: Alfons, Kenneth, Peter F., Uwe
    1. August: Eusebius, Adriana, Julian, Julan
    1. August: Lydia, August, Nicodemus
    1. August: John M. V., Rainer, Reinhard
    1. August: Oswald, Maria Schnee
    1. August: Bertha, Gilbert, Hermann
    1. August: Cajetan, Afra, Albert
    1. August: Dominik, Cyriac, Elgar
    1. August: Edith Altmann, Roman
    1. August: Laurenz, Lars, Astrid
    1. August: Clare, Philomena, Donald
    1. August: Radegunde, Innocent, Andreas
    1. August: Hippolytus, Marko, Cassian
    1. August: Meinhard, Maximilian K.
    1. August: Mechthild, Stanislaus, Steven
    1. August: Stefan, Rochus, Alfried, Stephanie
    1. August: Gudrun, Hyacinth, Janine, Clara
    1. August: Helena, Raynald, Claudia
    1. August: Sebald, John E., Julius, Bert
    1. August: Bernhard, Bernd, Ronald, Samuel
    1. August: Pius, Maximilian, Pia
    1. August: Regina, Maria Regina, Sigfried
    1. August: Pink, Isolde, Zacchaeus
    1. August: Bartholomew, Michaela, Isolde
    1. August: Ludwig, Elvira, Ebba, Patricia
    1. August: Patricia, Miriam, Teresa, Margarita
    1. August: Monika, Gebhard, Vivian
    1. August: Augustin, Adelinde, Aline, Vivian
    1. August: Beatrice, John, Sabina, Verona
    1. August: Felix, Heribert, Rebecca, Alma
    1. August: Raimund, Aidan, Paulinus, Anja

Name Days in September:

    1. September: Verena, Ruth Giles
    1. September: Ingrid, René, Salomon, Franz
    1. September: Gregory, Silvia, Phoebe, Sonja
    1. September: Rosalie Ida, Iris, Irmgard, Sven
    1. September: Roswitha, Urs Hermione
    1. September: Magnus, Gundolf, Bertram, Beate
    1. September: Regina, Otto, Ralph
    1. September: Nativity of Mary, Adrian, Otmar
    1. September: Otmar, Edgar, Pedro Cl.
    1. September: Diethard, Isabella, Carlo, Niels
    1. September: Helga, Felix u. Regula, Louis
    1. September: Mary, Gerfried
    1. September: Notburga, Tobias, Johann.
    1. September: Albert, Jens
    1. September: Dolores, Melitta, Melissa
    1. September: Ludmilla, Cornelius
    1. September: Hildegard, Robert, Ariane
    1. September: Lambert, Herlinde, Rica
    1. September: Wilhelmina, Januarius, Thorsten
    1. September: Hertha, Eustace, Candida, Susanna.
    1. September: Matthew, Deborah, Jonas
    1. September: Mauritius, Emmeram, Gundula
    1. September: Linus, Thekla, Gerhild
    1. September: Rupert, Virgil, Gerhard
    1. September: Klaus, Serge, Irmfried
    1. September: Cosmas, Damian, Cosima
    1. September: Vincent, Hiltrud, Dietrich
    1. September: Wenzel, Lioba, Giselher
    1. September: Michael, Michaela, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabi
    1. September: Jerome, Urs, Victor

Name Days in October:

    1. October: Remigius, Theresa V. L. Werner, Andrea, Emanuel
    1. October: Gideon, Bianca, Jacqueline
    1. October: Ewald, Udo, Bianca, Paulina
    1. October: Franz V. A., Edwin, Aurora, Emma, ​​Thea
    1. October: Herwig, Meinolf, Gallina
    1. October: Bruno Adalbero, Melanie, Brunhild, Gerald
    1. October: Rosa Maria, Justina, Jörg, Denise, Marc
    1. October: Günther, Laura, Hannah, Gerda
    1. October: Sibylle, Sara, Dionys, Elfriede
    1. October: Victor, Samuel, Gereon, Valerie
    1. October: Alexander, Manuela, Georg
    1. October: Maximilian, Horst, Pilar, David
    1. October: Koloman, Edward, Andre
    1. October: Burkhard, Callistus, Alan, Otilie
    1. October: Theresa V. A., Aurelia, Franziska
    1. October: Hedwig, Gallus, Gordon, Carlo
    1. October: Rudolf, Marie-Louise, Adelheid
    1. October: Luke, Gwenn, Justus, Viviana
    1. October: Frieda, Frida, Isaac, Paul v. K.
    1. October: Wendelin, Ira, Irina, Jessica
    1. October: Ursula, Ulla, Celina, Holger
    1. October: Cordula, Salome, Ingbert
    1. October: John C., Severin, Uta
    1. October: Anton, Armella, Alois, Aloisia, Victoria
    1. October: Ludwig, Lutz, Darya, Hans
    1. October Amand, Albin, Wieland, Anastacia, Josephine.
    1. October: Sabina, Wolfhard, Christa, Stefan
    1. October: Simon Ú.J. Thaddeus, Freddy
    1. October: Ermelinda, Melinda, Franco, Grete
    1. October: Dieter, Alfons, Angelo, Sabine
    1. October: Wolfgang, Quentin, Melanie

Name Days in November:

    1. November: Harald, Arthur, Luitpold, Otmar
    1. November: Angela, Margaret, Tobias
    1. November: Hubert, Pirmin, Martin P., Silvia
    1. November: Karl, Karla, Modesta, Charles
    1. November: Emmerich, Zacharias, Hardy
    1. November: Leonhard, Christine, Nina
    1. November: Engelbert, Carina, Willibr, Tina.
    1. November: Gottfried, Willehad, Karina
    1. November: Theodore, Herfried, Roland, Gregor
    1. November: Leo, Andrea, Andrew, Jens, Ted
    1. November: Martin, Senta, Mennas, Leonie
    1. November: Christian, Kunibert
    1. November: Eugene, Stanislaus, Livia, Rene
    1. November: Sidonia, Nicholas T., Karl
    1. November: Leopold, Leopoldine, Albert, Nicholas
    1. November: Margarita, Otmar, Arthur
    1. November: Gertrude, Hilda, Florin, Walter
    1. November: Odo, Alda, Roman, Bettina
    1. November: Elizabeth Bettina, Lisa, Roman
    1. November: Edmund, Corbinian, Felix, Elisa Betz
    1. November: Amalie, Amelia, Rufus, Edmund
    1. November: Cecilia, Silja, Salvator, Rufus
    1. November: Clemens, Detlef, Columb, Salvator.
    1. November: Flora, Albert, Chrysogon, Clemens
    1. November: Catherine, Kathrin, Katja, jasmine
    1. November Konrad, Kurt, Anneliese
    1. November: Uta, Brunhilde, Albrecht, Ida
    1. November: Berta, Jacob Albrecht
    1. November: Frederick, Friederike, Berta
    1. November: Andreas, Andrea, Volkert, Kerstin

Name Days in December:

    1. December: Blanka, Natalie, Eligius
    1. December: Bibiana, Lucius, Jan
    1. December: Francis Xavier, Jason
    1. December: Barbara, John V.D.
    1. December: Gerald, Reinhard, Niels
    1. December: Nicholas, Denise, Henrike
    1. December: Ambros, Farah, Benedikte
    1. December: Edith, Sabine
    1. December: Valerie, Liborius, Reinmar
    1. December: Emma, ​​Imma, Loretta
    1. December: Arthur, Damasus, Tassilo
    1. December: Johanna Hartmann
    1. December: Lucia, Ottilia, Jodok, Johanna
    1. December: Berthold, John V. K.
    1. December: Christiane, Nina, Paola
    1. December: Adelheid, Heidi, Elke
    1. December Lazarus, Jolanda, Viviana
    1. December: Esperanza, Luise, Gratian
    1. December: Susanna, Benjamin
    1. December: Julius, Holger, Eike
    1. December: Ingmar, Ingo, Hagar
    1. December: Jutta, Francesca Saveria
    1. December: Victoria, John, Margot
    1. December: Adam and Eve, Constanza, Hanno
    1. December: Anastasia, Josefina, Therese
    1. December: Stephan, Stephanie
    1. December. John the Evangelist, Fabiola
    1. December: John, Donna, Mattea, Thaddaeus
    1. December: David, Tamara, Jessica
    1. December: Hermione, Minna, Herma
    1. December: New Year's Eve, Melanie