The ZIP diagram of Klaus Wessiepe offers users the ability to create your own ZIP chart cards, prepare graphically, for example, own sales territories and analyze. The map includes not only the old and new German states, but also Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and many other countries more. How do my customers come from? For some occupations who work in sales, this question is quite interesting. To understand the data better, there are numerous free Office program for download, including the postal codes chart. With the zip-diagram can summarize the information and data in a user-friendly graphics. How it works: After ZIP Download Chart you can put the different locations with a flag by clicking on the map.

The ZIP Chart Download

ZIP diagram download includes maps for many countries

The map includes not only the German states, but also many other European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark and Liechtenstein. In addition, the countries Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia are still covered - albeit at a slightly lower resolution than the cards for Germany and the neighboring countries.

Automatic data updating

With the help of so-called field templates the provinces or cantons of the individual countries can be mapped. In addition, there is a field template with all rural and urban districts in Germany. An integrated wizard helps to easily read the data from text or Excel files. An automatic data update also ensures that the maps created with the ZIP-chart is always up to date. In order to better prepare the results graphically, the user can customize the appearance using different methods, for example by a color change, scaling or a legend. Moreover, the cards can be printed from within the program or stored as a bitmap optional. A graphic created can be stored in the clipboard so that they can for example be easily inserted into a word processing program and processed.

The main features of the ZIP-chart at a glance:

  • easily visualize sales territories and analyze
  • Extensive maps
  • Value ranges can be defined individually as a legend
  • Translated by several visualization flags per code area
  • Display of distance (distance)
  • Advanced search function
  • Blending of additional area boundaries (Layer technology)
  • Create HTML documents with linked postcode maps
  • Data export of all postal codes and places

The system requirements to download the ZIP-chart and use are very low, so that the software runs on relatively old systems. The ZIP chart can be used on both Windows XP and Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP as well as Windows 2007 and Windows Vista.