Is Burning Series legal? – Here Gibt’s all the info

is Burning Series legally or make Serienjunkies and movie fans punishable by a visit of the site and the Burning Series Stream? Unfortunately, the operator remains extremely vague in his response to this question. We provide the legal background on the subject. More below!

Burning Series legally in the gray zone

Many users visit portals on the Internet streaming, to watch movies and series online. One of the most popular is currently Burning Series. With the help of the Burning Series App downloads of unlimited viewing enjoyment is now also on smartphones and tablets at any time on the go possible. After the closure of several streaming sites and an unlawful warning wave is the uncertainty about "Is Burning Series legal?" greater than ever. It should be clear to any user who does not bring his series stream from the official website of the TV channel, that he is traveling with the Burning Series Stream on a legally very questionable area and on thin ice.

Although there is still no sound judgment for Burning Series Stream before, but as with other video sites are expected strengthened warnings because copyrighted material can be seen there. Although this is links to other sources ready, but also practiced at Burning Series to stream could exceed the legal limit. Of legal relevance is also caching in the cache of a PC here. Although this automatically empties, there are legal interpretations that suggest that Burning Series can not be legal.

Burning Series legallyIs Burning Series legal? This is a question currently many friends of TV series. (Image: Burning Series / Editorial)

The operator himself answers "yes and no" to the question "Is Burning Series legal? "

The dubious legality of Burning Series is also addressed on its own FAQ page. There is answered very clear "yes and no" answer the question "Is Burning Series legal?". However, the organizer guarantees at least that no IP data is stored and any traffic is reliably encrypted. These provisions are intended to protect the customer in the event of a court order, but there is not a guarantee for it of course, unfortunately. Therefore, users should not give too much to this pseudo-guarantees of the operator.

Burning Series legally illegalEven Burning Series is a not overly helpful answer to the question 'Is Burning Series legal? (Picture: Burning Series) '

Operators of streaming portals may be liable to prosecution

The public disclosure, in this case, then the streaming of copyrighted material available only to the author himself to. So the TV stream of the actual transmitter is perfectly legal, while the public distribution of copies is a clear breach of the law. Although the Burning Series Portal does not own streams to, but the operator can make punishable by bundling and forwarding clearly illegal deals. This is also evident by the regular closing of various Stream Movie sides in recent years.

Burning Series illegal for users YET

Is visiting the site of Burning Series legal or not? There was in the past attempts to warn visitors of streaming sites, but the intended actions have failed so far largely. The streaming portals violating the copyright law, but because they do not spread movies online themselves, they are not clearly illegal. Such is also the user when visiting the site itself any illegal content, only with the consequences of the streaming links offers the opportunity to look around and download series. While copying for private use is permitted, but the setting on online TV portals clearly goes beyond a mere personal use.

The Burning Series users are in a legal gray area

Previous Abmahnversuche failed due to the fact that no genuine copy of protected content is created when streaming. If you look online series, a highly compressed temporary cached version of the browser is only stored, which is then immediately deleted. According to this reasoning users of streaming portals never in possession of the illegal copy was. Until now the legal basis which makes pure intuition of illegal copies made punishable missing.

So Burning Series is legal more than questionable, but the users are so far in a legal gray zone. The increased closing of series and movie streaming platforms could soon bring a law change with it. The last Abmahnwellen on various video portals should be a first warning to be careful. Who really wants to be on the safe side, should resort to video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video Watch or Ever. These providers are absolutely legal and offer streams of high quality. Therefore, our recommendation to all Series junkies and movie fans: Get instead of Burning Series Streaming a video like Netflix flat rate! The monthly costs are not so high and it is not worthwhile to take the risk of Burning Series warning.

What to do with a warning Burning Series?

But, what if you already find a Burning Series warning in your own mailbox? Especially warnings from the law firm Waldorf Frommer increasingly choose among users of questionable streaming portals. The Munich-based law firm that specializes in such copyright infringement, speaking from countless warnings on behalf of companies from the music and film business and is also the Burning Series users hardly spared. The request to sign a so-called penalty clause explanation and to provide a payment of damages, which naturally contains as addition of the resulting Abmahnkosten occurs. It's worth it in this case for those affected to seek legal help and to try at least to bring about an amicable agreement on a modified cease and desist.

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