The timekeeping for Excel brings a simple but very clean executed Form for timekeeping and payroll calculation to the office. Daily work hours are recorded, pauses automatically deducted and the resulting wage per day and month calculated. Results tabulated there as well as a chart, and a printing function with a choice for individual months is also on board.

Timekeeping for Excel Download First Start

The download of the hour settlement does not include separate installation, but also brings a conventional XLS file to the PC. When you first enter the Excel template a few extra clicks are necessary when using current versions of the spreadsheet program: Because Internet links are included, execution requires the activation of this content by clicking the yellow bar at the top of the screen. Only then, the macro contents can be activated which are necessary for the execution of Excel hour billing. Then you can start immediately but the next time the Excel timesheet these clicks are no longer necessary.

Hours settlement with Excel

The imposition by Microsoft Security clicks done first, you are in Timekeeping for Excel Download best known as the first master data of the employee one. Which consist of billing year, name and address and will be used as a basis for wage calculation the hourly wage. An additional switch to activate on demand, the output of the hourly rate on the pay slips, but we could not detect any function in the short test here.

Timekeeping for ExcelTimekeeping for Excel download: working hours with Excel capture (image: editorial)

further down buttons to enter the hours worked ready for months. Clicking on each a new form, where date, start and end times, including breaks must be entered in minutes opens. From this, the Excel hour billing automatically calculates the decimal working time and sums the merit on based on the input hourly wage. Prima: The overall working of the current month and the monthly earnings are permanently displayed at the top of the table. get over a button the user back to the main menu.

Timekeeping for Excel monthly statementsEnter the hours worked per month (Picture: Juan Gil / Editorial)

Overview of the total working time

In the working-time statistics a clean tabular listing of monthly hours worked and the salary is available. Too bad: The annual income does not appear to have to work out themselves. There are under the table view in addition a bar graph that visualizes monthly workload along with merit graphically.

Timekeeping for Excel statisticsWith bar chart of the monthly workload (Picture: Juan Gil / Editorial)

Print monthly statements for labor and wages

Using the corresponding button, the timekeeping issues invoices for each month for Excel. What month is printed, select the user in the corresponding dialog and create, if necessary, several copies for employees and employers. In the free version is included on each print a reference to the manufacturer's website.

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Limitations of timekeeping for Excel

The freeware provides printouts with a Manufacturer Ref.

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