To log in to ICQ, is not required a lot of time. How quick and easy it is, the user learns here. When ICQ is an instant messaging program, which is mainly used on the computer, but now is also available for smartphones. Those who do not yet have the messenger on his PC, ICQ can here [download] (/ download manager /) to finally chat with friends, make phone calls or to transfer data. The following sections explain how to himself Join ICQ can.

Four steps to log in to ICQ

ICQ is homophonic to English "I seek you", in other words "I search for you", This is a reference to the principle of the messaging program: the user chooses the millions of users out his friends, to chat with them. This is now even more simple because to log in to ICQ now even without registering a ICQ Number is working. Registering with ICQ is done in just four steps. The following is a small guide: Step 1: The user loads the chat software on the computer. It's fast and does not last long. step 2He opens the program, you are prompted to log appears to him. For this, the user needs his phone. step 3: The user now logs namely with his mobile phone number. That is the surest way, as an activation code will be sent to him on his smartphone, which he has to enter provided in the space field. icq log 1 step 4After a confirmation click, users logged on to ICQ and can connect this account with other sites, such as Facebook. Here, all his contacts him are listed, which also have ICQ.

Requirements for logging in to ICQ

To log in to ICQ, must be fulfilled three conditions. On the one hand a stable and good internet connection must be ensured. naturally ICQ installed on the computer to another requires a user. The third condition is a mobile phone, with its number, he can log in to ICQ. A veteran among the messengers With ICQ, the user brings a classic of instant messaging on the computer. then the principle goes like today, and more and more users enjoy the benefits of the Messengers. The biggest advantage over other messengers is probably, that he is always free and (so far, anyway) are never incurred fees. For this reason, a download ICQ worth all times and should be missing on any computer.