advent Calendar

advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar App offers children and young people entertaining surprises during the festive season. Every day they can open a door in the Advent 2016 and listen to part of a bearish Christmas story.

Advent Calendar App with a child-friendly Christmas story

Over the exciting and funny Christmas story the kids why the bear is so unhappy experience, even though soon begin the Advent season and Christmas is around the corner. Every day is told a little story, which can listen to the children. This suggests, among other things, what bears do everything so if they want to communicate to the Christ child something terribly important.

Entertainment from the bear world during the festive season

Who wants to know what is a Runkel raven or entertainment from all sorts of bears world during the festive season around the bear, wants to know the onion and a rather unusual guest, should not miss the Advent Calendar download. A very special surprise waiting on Christmas Eve on the kids. This should not be revealed here.

Advent Calendar AppAdvent Calendar for kids with lots of surprises

Classical advent calendar with little doors for opening

The educationally valuable Christmas story also contains all sorts of instructive for children and adolescents. At the end of the story, the bear is understood much better what this is really about Christmas. The Android app is built like a classic Advent calendar: Every day the children can open a door and get a new story from the series "Learning with Bear and onion" read aloud.

Hand-drawn Bears Christmas images and background music

The total running time of all parts of the Christmas calendar is about 45 minutes. Worth mentioning are the pleasant, matching Christmas story background music and the hand-drawn Bears Christmas images that come up with great attention to detail. Those looking for more children’s programs for free download, find it in our well-stocked software catalog.

Advent Calendar App Christmas story